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A ‘red carpet’ for CJP’s son at airport

The Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhary’s son, Arsalan Iftikhar was extended ‘royal protocol’ at the Allama Iqbal International Airport on Wednesday, according to media reports.
The protocol is reserved for the most esteemed public personalities; not extended to parliamentarians and ministers even.
Media reports said that Arsalan Iftikhar was given special protocol when he arrived at Lahore Airport by Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) flight PK-615. A special vehicle was detailed to pick him up as soon as he stepped on the airport right from the stairs descending from the plane.
Arsalan Iftikhar has been charged with seeking millions of rupees in profit from former Chairman Bahria Town Malik Riaz during his foreign trips. The Shoaib Saddal Commission is investigating the matter.
Observers inquired that under what status was Arsalan Iftikhar provided protocol, terming this a bid of the PIA to seek the CJP’s favor.
Commenting on the situation, leading TV anchor Mubashar Luqman said that no enquiry had been initiated against Arsalan Iftikhar so far. The CJP had headed the bench during the course of the petition’s hearing but had later rescued his son, which raised troubling questions about the integrity of one of the country’s central institutions.

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  1. safder lodi said:

    CJP Ch Ifty ki Naslon Pr Allah ZILLAT KA AZAAB Nazil krega

    • sashayub said:

      Aameeen, Allah apki zubaan mobarak karey inshallah jald

  2. BetelQ8 said:

    The Royale Son of Power / Fame Hungry Kingpin.

  3. hasi said:

    Only the Airport authorities can explain the factual position. If it were so the same would be painful

  4. Haroon said:

    Pure hearsay… an ounce of evidence to back this BT would have been good!

  5. Umair said:

    The sacred cow of Pakistan – "Judiciary headed by Iftikhar Chaudhry"

  6. Adnan said:

    Jin Jin k Abba aur Taya ki corruption CJ ne pakri wo ab yahan galian derahe hain LOL

    • Anvaar said:

      Still dude, a cow is a cow. Two wrongs don't make it right, does it?

  7. haseeb said:

    No Surpize fixing cases and Elections not easy you must belong to Royal Class

  8. Sabir said:

    This is Thief Justice not Chief Justice……???? Is lanti ko masoom log marty nazar nhe aatyy aor chief justice bana phirta hy..

    Zuban e Khalq ko Naqara e Khuda Samjhoo…her firaooon ik din apna injam daikh ly ga

  9. waseem said:

    well done media ,keep exposing such action but this nation deserve this treatment we are slaves by nature and will remain as such a sleeping nation can,t make the change rest be sure everyone .

  10. jahanzeb said:

    Corrupt Son of Mental Psycho C.J of Pakistan

  11. @generous204 said:

    Corrupt son got this favor from PIA that is absolutely wrong This case must be taken up against PIA management who gave him this protocol There are rules laid down and why were they bent for CJ's son? Mubassar Luqman is a great Anchor and it must be taken up by him Files a case against PIA management a company running in loss already giving favors without charge and status must answer

  12. khalid pathan said:

    A request to Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudary, to kindly treat retired General Pervaiz Musharraf as your own son.

  13. Aqil said:

    Khuda ki Lanar on CJ and his son..bastareds.

  14. Afzal Mahmood said:

    CJP Choudhary is pioneer of selective justice. He managed and ensured a safe passage for his son who made billions over a short span of time. He rendered selective justice in the name of justice.

  15. abusaif said:

    There is nothing new in this………. if you have the power you can do any thing in Pakistan…… the law is made for the poor's only….. Our all the courts are there to protect the Rich ones……. and by the way one should understand that " iss hamam main sub nungain hain…" The way it works in Pakistan is very simple… You Scratch my back , I will scratch yours…… this is the reason none of the judges will speak about this.

  16. maccq said:

    It is proved that Gen Mushraff was right the way he treated CJ.

  17. Ahmed said:

    I am sorry none of you looked up to Mian brothers favour for CJP, in this case. Please go back to history you will find a simple answer to this mystery.

  18. nadar khan said:

    ch iftekhar is very bad man khuda pakistan ko os sai mahfoz ra kai

  19. Assad said:

    Why do we always react hastily without even trying to find out what actually happened! CJ never ordered any such protocol to be accorded to his son! In fact it is the PIA administration which went an extra mile to lick his feet! This reflects our typical approach of trying to appease anyone in power and trying to extract favours. As far as the C.J vis-a-vis Musharaf episode is concerned, I am a witness to this thing that the CJ actually put a halt to the selling of 'Pakistan Steel Mills' to Musharaf's cronies for peanuts, which made him upset!

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