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Terrorists should know who’s their daddy!

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif said on Tuesday rooting out terrorism and extremism was the first priority of the federal government and directed the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) and Intelligence Bureau (IB) to arrest the perpetrators of the recent bombing targeting the Shia Hazara community to set an example.

The premier was on a visit to Quetta two days after a deadly suicide bombing in Hazara Town which claimed 30 lives. He was accompanied by Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan, Pashtoonkhwa Milli Awami Party (PkMAP) Chairman Mehmood Khan Achakzai, DG ISI Lt-Gen Zaheerul Islam, the DG Intelligence Bureau (IB) and other top officials.

Speaking to reporters after chairing a high-level meeting, Prime Minister Sharif said he had come to visit Quetta to review the law and order situation, adding that effective measures were needed to restore traditional peace of Balochistan.

Nawaz also met with a tribal delegation of the ethnic Hazara community, which also included the relatives and heirs of the victims of the recent bombing in Quetta. He assured the provision of every possible security measures for the Hazara community.

The prime minister said that every person involved in terrorist activities would be held accountable, adding that he had instructed all security institutions to deal with the criminals with iron hands.

Nawaz also said that all decisions would be implemented upon and that the issue of targeted killings and missing persons in Balochistan would be accounted for.

He strongly condemned attack on the bus of a women’s university and said if law enforcement personnel worked with the same dedication then peace would be restored in Quetta.

“I have directed the ISI and IB to arrest the culprits involved in recent bombings to make it as a test case,” he said, adding that eliminating terrorism was the first priority of his government.


Nawaz further said that the government would approach all political leaders to develop consensus and evolve a joint strategy to root out the curse of terrorism. He also directed all law enforcement agencies to cooperate with provincial government and to increase intelligence-sharing. “Bringing peace in Quetta is not a big deal since it is a small city,” he added.

Strict security measures were adopted by the provincial administration for the premier’s visit, and Frontier Corps (FC) and police personnel were deployed on all roads leading to the Governor House.

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  1. A Reader @TrSp said:

    But who is the Daddy; Pakistan or India, Mr Sharif needs to make it clear through actions and that is what he will do.

    I have seen the scholars and the common of Hazara people talk; I must say they are so well behaved individuals that what ever we do may not mach match their decency.

    Quetta is a small city and Karachi is a big city both needs to have robust security in place.

    • Anon said:

      You are not showing much respect to the Sauds …

    • benji said:

      Unfortunately Their daddy is Lashkar e Junglee and their Wahabbi masters. PM and Army chief have no real power. Pakistan is run by Shaitans who kill innocent at will. No one can stop these shaitans, only ALLAH swt . and he surely will

  2. Dr Saeeda Jafri said:

    Actions speak louder than words. Mian Sahib's personal visit to Quetta proves his sincerely in restoring peace & stability in Balochistan.
    The combined visit of Prime Minister, Chief Minister and Interior Minister gives a very strong signal to the beuraucracy to mend its ways and incompetence will not be tolerated.
    The main reason behind lower crime rate in Punjab is that the Chief Minister-Shahbaz Sharif always rushes to the crime scene and gives his shoulder to support the victims.
    Dr Abdul Malik Baloch is now following the footsteps of Shabaz Sharif.
    Earlier, Nawaz Sharif had shown magnamity of heart by giving BNP the opportunity to form provincial government in Balochistan.

    • Asim said:

      are you OK? do you know the crime rate of pujnab???

  3. Dipak said:

    If ISI has to find and eliminate terrorists, entire ISI will disappear.

  4. abbas said:

    sharif's visit must have brought some comfort and reassurance that the new PM is taking the matter seriously, but before sharrif , we had gilani, rental , shaitan malik and even a lip service zardari, who have trodden on the same path – but only when these words are turned into action we will know how much they are worth! All these politicians are slaves to their wahabi masters, they cannot even fart without their masters permission , so we will wait and see

  5. Dr Saeeda said:

    For the first-ever time in history of Pakistan, a Prime Minister visiting Quetta was accompanied by DG-ISI along with the Chief Minister and the Federal Interior Minister.

    Unlike his predecessor RajaRental going to Quetta only when the Hazara community kept sitting in front of the Governor House with the dead bodies of their loved ones for three days & nights in severe cold weather.
    While disqualified Gillani never bothered to visit Quetta. The Baloch people have not yet forgotten the punch shown by dictator Musharraf and massacre of Akbar Bugti.

    PM Nawaz Sharif's rushing to Quetta proves that PMLN is serious in resolving the Balochistan crisis.

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