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PPL successfully tests gas-condensate in Sindh

The Pakistan Petroleum Limited (PPL), operator of Block 2568-13 (Hala) Exploration Licence with 65 percent working interest along with its joint venture partner Mari Petroleum Company Limited with 35 percent interest have announced the successful production testing of gas-condensate from a deeper reservoir at Adam X-1 exploration well, located in District Sanghar, Sindh Province.
The potential of deeper reservoir of Lower Basal Sands (Lower Goru formation), at a depth of 3450 meters was evaluated at Adam X-1 during May-June, 2013.
During testing the well flowed 14.3 million cubic feet per day of gas and 125 barrels per day oil (condensate) at 40/64″ choke. The well will be put on production immediately. The additional hydrocarbon reserves will reduce the gap between supply and demand of oil and gas during the current energy crisis in the country.

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