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MQM’s fate in the hands of establishment?

The fate of Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) and its chief Altaf Hussain is now in the hands of military establishment of Pakistan, which has reportedly held a key suspect from Karachi in the Dr Imran Farooq murder case.

However, the MQM has said it has no idea of any arrest in the case. The party also maintains that if any arrest has been made by law enforcement agencies in this case, the MQM has not been informed of it.

British authorities contacted Pakistan’s top leadership and made a demand to access the key suspect. Not only this, the cross-border sharing of information has pushed the case further ahead.

Per reports, the country’s top intelligence agency raided a house situated in Model Colony a year ago and took a man into custody who is said to the be prime suspect in Dr Farooq’s murder case.

A well-placed source told Pakistan Today that the country’s top intelligence agency raided a house that was situated in Street 27, Model Colony and arrested one man.

“Later, the Pakistani government shared the information that was collected from the suspect with British authorities which enabled Scotland Yard to conclude the Dr Farooq murder case,” he claimed.

A Military Intelligence (MI) Malir Town Division official confirmed on condition of anonymity that a team of a top intelligence agency had raided a house in Model Colony, Malir and arrested one person. “We have no details about the person as we have been asked not to go into the details,” he added.

A few months before the purported arrest, then interior minister Rehman Malik had rejected media reports about the development into the murder case, but he issued no such statement later.

“We do not have any idea about any arrest in Dr Imran Farooq murder case,” MQM leader Khawaja Izharul Hassan claimed. “Dr Imran Farooq was our leader and we have not been informed if any arrest was made in his murder case from Karachi,” he argued.

“May be the intelligence agency apprehended a suspect, however, they did not inform the MQM about it,” he maintained. “The British investigated 3,000 people in Dr Imran Farooq murder case and MQM is satisfied with the probe by the Scotland Yard, but what is unacceptable is that our party chief was pressurised by the British authorities during the process,” he added.

“The intensity of the pressure could be gauged from the fact that he was not allowed to take legal assistance,” he said, adding that “the MQM chief has decided to fight the legal battle himself.”

“The British authorities launched a search operation of Altaf Hussain’s house in London for almost three hours and took away several things,” he claimed, adding that “they did not even provide the details of the things that were taken into custody by the British police.”

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  1. Breaking News said:

    After the raid of Altaf Hussain's house at Edgeware Road London by ScotlandYard police, there is complete strike in the city of London on the call of MQM.
    All transport remained off the roads and all offices and shops were completely closed.
    Unidentified armed men (a.k.a. NA-Maloom Afrad) had resorted to aerial firing causing further panic in the city…
    In his telephonic address to his followers, Altaf Hussain has threatened that London will soon be separated from UK.

  2. Zubair sandio said:

    MQM goons and Its leader has to be arrested in Farooq sattar case.

    • Plato said:

      Even those spoonies who don't know if the case is of Mr. Imran Farooq's murder or of Mr. Farooq Sattar feel their responsibility to comment.

  3. hamid said:

    Its time they closed the net and get this person. Enough already killed at his direction. This group of thugs must be punished.

  4. Mqm said:

    Sitting in London and Doing Batta khori in Karachi. God Father Big Mafia Boss Altar Hussein u Killed Many. Many MQM Leader. Allah ki adälat. is Waiting for u. God bless u Hope u will Not kill sabazwari and Farooq satter to Get Sympathie of Karachi peoples

  5. khalid pathan said:

    The noose is after the master mind and shall be tightening soon, however, the role of the intelligence agency needs further clarification, that what for they holding the actual murderer for the last one year. Is this how they keep undeniable proof of crime/crimes perpetrated by the top leadership of political parties, to blackmail the party do their bidding.

  6. Desi from Lahore said:

    There is no law in any country that can keep anyone from getting counsel regardless of how bad the crime is,also the agencies raided and arrested a guy responsible a year ago????? what have they been doing all this time with all that information??I think thats how PPP kept MQM and Altaf under their control.

  7. Saad said:

    "Not allowed to take legal assistance”? Excuse me? Stop lying for once. Altaf wants to pull a Bhagat Singh on this one, so he could be remembered as a 'revolutionary'. Grow up!

  8. ishrat salim said:

    Poor maskeen mother`s heart breaks will not go in vain…..justice will be done…that is what Allah swt has ordealed & it shall happen….now or later but it will happen….go back to history…it is full of such justices done by Allah swt against such tyrant leaders….

  9. shahid nazir said:

    mqm must be has history of target killiers and bathakhors.

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