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No water scarcity in country: Ahsan Iqbal

Minister for Planning and Development Ahsan Iqbal said on Friday that there was no water scarcity in the country but water resources were not being managed properly to overcome water related issues.
The minister while addressing a two-day International Conference on Water for Life and Development said, “Pakistan has water storage capacity of only seven percent of total available water in the country, which needs to be improved.”
The conference was organised by Pakistan Water Partnership in collaboration with Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), UNESCO and International Center for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD).
The minister highlighted that around the time of creation of Pakistan the per capita water availability in the country was 5,000 cubic meters while in near future it would be as low as 800 cubic meters per capita.
Furthermore, he said that water storage capacity needed to be enhanced in order to meet water related issues. He concluded that Pakistan would face critical water management crisis if relevant measures were not taken. He noted that with the help of experts these problems could be resolved.


  1. Pakistani said:

    This amply explains how illinformed this govt is.I say it again this cabinet is full of comedians.

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  3. zafar iqbal awan said:

    Electricity and Gas are critical requirement of this country. In case of their shortage progress shall be stopped and living standard will come down but still life would continue. But water is basic necessity, in case of shortage, life would come to an end. Mr. Ahsan's two comments are very important 1) In 1950, per capita water availability in the country was 5,000 cubic meters while in near future it would be 800 cubic meters. 2) Water storage capacity needed to be enhanced in order to face critical water crisis. PML (N) should develop consensus among provinces to agree on construction of Kala Bagh Dam. This will prove a life line for whole the nation. May God help us to make this land a liveable future place for our future generations.

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