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Chinese media delegation visits NUML

A 17-member delegation of Chinese media persons from different Chinese dailies and news channels visited National University of Modern Languages (NUML) on Friday.
The delegation of was headed by, International News Department Director Guo Wencai and Evening News Xin Min.
The delegation included media representatives from national dailies and news channels including Diplomat Magazine, Global Times Online, Peoples Daily, Hello Chengdu, Guangdong TV, Finance and Economic News Centre, South China Morning Post, Yunnan Daily, Shanghai Television, Oriental Morning Post, China Daily and Kunming TV.
Guo Wencai, while talking to faculty members and students said that it was pleasant to see that Pakistani people had a lot of interest in learning Chinese language and that NUML had developed an appropriate system for the purpose. He said, “The purpose of this visit was to tell our people that our Pakistani brothers expressed their love and affinity with China by learning Chinese language and culture and we reciprocate this love”
Guangdong TV Reporter Daphne Liang, said, “The number of students and their interests in Chinese Language classes show that the time is not far when their will be no language barrier between the two countries and this visit would help promote goodwill between the two nations.” The members of delegation visited different departments of NUML and Confucius Institute.
The delegation was received by Registrar Brig (R) Saeed Akhtar Malik, Director Academics Col (R) Syed Jawaid Ahmad, Head of Confucius Institute Dr Zhang Daojian, Assistant Prof Misbah Rashid and other officials on their arrival to the universities.

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