Two girls, mother killed over family video

A family video showing two teenage girls enjoying rain in their house led to their murder in Chilas on Sunday night. Their mother was also gunned down allegedly by her stepson and his four friends.

Five masked men barged into the house of retired police officer Rehmat Nabi and started firing, killing his wife and daughters, aged 15 and 16.

According to police, the crime was motivated by a video clip circulated on mobile phones and showing the girls overjoyed by rain in the lawn of their bungalow.

The video, recorded six months ago, was circulated in the area four months later probably after a relative sent it to his friends.

Police believed that the girls’ stepbrother Khutore took it as an “assault on the honour of his family” and tried to “restore the family’s honour” by killing the girls.

Khutore escaped when police tried to get in touch with him for investigation. But, his four friends were arrested and, according to a senior police official, they have confessed to the crime. A case has been registered against the five.


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  1. Rabia said:

    and what an honourable thing to do, to murder three women! wah wah!

  2. Dr Imran Ahmed said:

    Unarmed, unsuspecting, innocent human beings killed. That is the heart of the matter, in these guys core belief system women are not human and therefore they do not have the rights humans should have.
    The right to security of life, the rights to happiness, freedom of speech, freedom of movement, right to education, right to own their own body, right to property, right to select their husband, these do not belong to females. To add insult, these benighted men's attitude is termed Islamic.

  3. barbaram13 said:

    Very sad story , too bad things like this happen

  4. Tahir said:

    Feel sad to learn this news. May Allah guide us to the stright path.

  5. Salman said:

    please share a link to the video, so that women in Pakistan can see the dos and donts in our society.

    • Anon said:

      Your mother didn't pee on your face yet ???

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