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New markets eyed as gems and jewellery exports hit $1.2b

The country’s gems and jewellery exports have swelled from approximately $47 million to $ 1.2 billion since the establishment of Pakistan Gems and Jewellery Development Company (PGJDC).
Pakistan International Gems and Jewellery Exhibition (PIGJE)-2013 would help enhance the country’s exports further and capture new markets, said PGJDC chief Bakhtiar Khan.
He said the event would provide an enabling environment to the discerning target audiences to promote business-to-business and business-to-customers contacts. “Local entrepreneurs from all across Pakistan have been invited to showcase their products in this grand show to highlight the true potential of Pakistan in the world of gems and jewellery,” he added.
He said this event would help in identifying how Pakistan can capitalise on its vast natural resources, low labour costs, skilled craftsmen, and growing national and international demand to become a regional hub for precious stone cutting and jewellery manufacturing.
He further said the four-day event being held in Karachi from 26th to 29th September, 2013 will showcase Pakistani gems and jewellery products in all their vivacity for international dealers, and will also provide them with a platform to explore the potential of Pakistani market; while a one-day seminar will also be organised during the course of the event.
This four-day exhibition will display precious stones, mineral specimens, ornamental stones, beads gemstone carvings, gemstone made-ups, crafted jewelry products, and an array of machinery, tools, equipments and allied products.
He said PGJDC was a subsidiary of PIDC, working under the ministry of production. Government of Pakistan is enhancing the value chain productivity of gems and jewellery industry from “mine to market”. The company aimed to enhance exports through facilitation, technology up-gradation, skills development, and marketing/branding initiatives, he added.
Giving details on previous events Khan said, PGJDC successfully organised Pakistan International Gems and Jewellery Exhibition (PIGJE) in June, 2012. The event was visited by 40 international delegates and buyers from countries like USA, UK, Sri Lanka, UAE, Turkey, China, Hong Kong, and India. The event also encompassed a seminar conducted by International Colored Gem Stone Association (ICA) president and other international experts.
Badar Expo Solutions COO Zohair Naseer, the event organiser of Pakistan International Gems and Jewellery Exhibition (PIGJE), added that this mega exhibition will attract local and international media and adding that special arrangements were made to facilitate and disseminate information to media.

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