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Power tariff goes up by Rs1.12 per unit

The inflation-stricken masses received another blow as the National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (Nepra) approved Rs 1.12 per unit hike in electricity tariff on Wednesday.

The Central Power Purchasing Agency (CPPA) had requested the regulatory authority (NEPRA) to increase the per unit price of electricity under the fuel adjustment plan.

As per CPPA recommendations, cost of diesel-based power generation stood at Rs 20.80 per unit last month, cost of production of furnace oil-based power stood at Rs 16.16 per unit, gas-based power generation cost Rs 5.21 per unit and cost of hydro-power generation remained at 8 paisas per unit.

Power theft and line losses were recorded at 90 million units. During the month of May, 7.30 billion units of electricity were produced at the cost of Rs 56 billions. CPPA proposed that the approval for raising power tariff at the rate of Rs 1.12 per unit be accorded.

After hearing CPPA’s recommendations, Nepra approved increase of Rs 1.12 in electricity tariff. The hike in power tariff will be applied in December bills.

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