Defence budget up by 10% to Rs 627 billion

The PML-N government on Wednesday announced an increase of 10 percent in the defence budget, earmarking Rs 627 billion ($6.3 billion) for the defence services in the next fiscal year 2013-14.

The budget documents presented in parliament by Finance Minister Ishaq Dar said a sum of Rs 627 billion had been allocated for defence services for 2013-14.

The Nawaz-led PML-N government announced its first budget on Wednesday after assuming power a few days ago against a backdrop of high inflation, weak economic growth, grave energy crisis and depleting foreign exchange reserves.

In the outgoing fiscal 2012-13, the PPP-led coalition government had allocated Rs 545 billion for defence services but later that allocation was revised and increased to Rs 570 billion. Hence, the hike in the defence budget in next fiscal is 15 percent if it is compared to the actual allocations announced in the last budget but comparison with the revised allocations of Rs 570 billion makes it an increase of 10 percent.

According to budgetary allocations, the army got the major share of the outlay with Rs 301.54 billion, the air force was allocated Rs 131.18 billion and the navy will get Rs 62.80 billion.

The budget documents showed that the government had allocated Rs 2,300 million for the Defence Production Division in the Public Sector Development Programme (PSDP) for 2013-14.

Of this amount, Rs 2246.300 million has been allocated for installing a ship lift, transfer system and associated machinery and equipment to provide docking and repair facilities for surface ships, submarines and commercial vessels at Karachi port.

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  1. Amir said:

    It is laughable that there is an extreme power shortage in the country and the military gets a boost of 57 billion rupees. It seems very clear that Nawaz is trying to make sure that he does not get booted out by the military once again. Why couldn't this amount be used to alleviate the power shortage that has made life miserable for the masses? The military does not need any more hardware than what it already has.

    • Eusha said:

      Dude, you have no idea how badly that money is needed by Pak Military. Now we have to worry about a war on two fronts-The western border too. and we need extensive infrastructure on the western side.

      • Amir said:

        My comments are in moderation. If they are "passed", you will see my response to your update.

  2. Muhammad Awais said:

    Indeed it is laughable that military gets a boost of 57billion rupees for nothing, they high level of militants just have to sit and enjoy, while a soldier that is lying at the borders of country is a real defender. They didn't even have a holiday for their own.

    • Eusha said:

      every soldier that you so happen to mention here will give their lives for their country on the order of their senior officers and they'd be smiling doing it. I know cuz ive seen their faces. they are not hypocrites like most of Pakistanis.

      • Amir said:

        This is a typical fictional characterization of a soldier. No one wants to die smiling.

        • Chaudhary said:

          Well, they might not embrace martyrdom smiling but one way or the other they sacrifice most so we can sleep without electricity but at the same time not scared that someone will invade PAKISTAN or take you from your homes and slaughter you like so many other countries like Myanmar, India (Gujarat) and …. We have seen an episode of that in Swat.

  3. naseem said:

    Dear this is for all my brothers of defense specially to the elite officer .this is one of the major conspiracy to please improve our own defense side on the technological base rather than purchasing from the US or China Because they may have well controlled over our technological ammunition .
    so please try to make your own

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