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Salman’s advice has been invaluable for Katrina

In an exclusive interview to a leading daily, Bollywood’s most sought after actress Katrina Kaif has opened her heart out about her mentor Salman Khan and said that Salman’s advice is invaluable for her career.
On being asked whether Salman’s advice has been important to her or not, this is what the actress said.
“Yes, it’s been invaluable. He’s had a very strong basic sense of the working of the film industry, so yes; I think it’s been invaluable. But it’s quite similar to Anushka Sharma and all other YRF proteges having Adi (Aditya Chopra) advise them. I do feel that I have made some safe choices, but I don’t regret it because they were necessary at that time. Right or wrong!”

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