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President promulgates Surveying and Mapping Ordinance 2013

President Asif Ali Zardari Monday promulgated an ordinance to regulate and implement surveying and mapping standards in the country and to enable Survey of Pakistan (SoP) effectively assume its role of the national mapping organisation.

Spokesman to the President Senator Farhatullah Babar said the Surveying and Mapping Ordinance 2013, had been promulgated on the advice of the prime minister.

He said the bill prepared by the Survey of Pakistan was duly approved by the cabinet and was unanimously recommended by the National Assembly Standing Committee on Defence.

The bill was included in the order of day in the National Assembly on March 11, 13 and 14 but could not be taken up due to paucity of time.

As the National Assembly was dissolved on completion of its five-year tenure on March 17, and the Senate was not in session, the prime minister advised the president to accord approval and promulgate the legislation as ordinance as it was a matter being of an urgent nature.

Accordingly the president on Monday signed and promulgated the Surveying and Mapping Ordinance, 2013, Babar said.

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