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Agitated MQM workers beat up their leaders?

MQM workers reportedly beat up some members of the party Rabita Committee on Sunday following a telephonic address by Altaf Hussain, in which he said the Rabita Committee members considered him a “machine” that delivered addresses and did not keep him informed about the ground realities.

Following the speech, party workers got infuriated and asked media personnel to turn off the cameras.

Afterwards, the workers reportedly took some members of the Rabita Committee to task, even beating some of them up.

Earlier in his speech, Altaf said he had come to know of his value, as his “workers did not listen to me”.

He said unknown entities were leveling baseless allegations against him, but his party workers were only listening to the same.

The MQM chief said the media was projecting unimportant people and portraying them as heroes, but he knew well the character of these “heroes”.

“Still, I kept quiet and did not expose them,” Altaf added.

He said he would file a defamation case against PTI chief Imran Khan, which would prove what was true and what was not.

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  1. Mohammad Akram said:

    I doubt if Altaf Hussain has any concious or respesct for human lives. He is a murderer Dr. sattar stop telling lies to Pakistanis Imran Kan is a leader with disnity and respect from all over He earned all that with his character Don,t blame him and you must respect him

  2. Roman said:

    I'm not a PTI or any political party supporter. I'm living in Karachi near Nine-Zero and I'm always afraid to go outside with my family because of MQM Terrorism. I can't do my business without giving them Money "Bhatta". Recent years in Karachi many strikes called by MQM forced us to close our businesses including grocery stores, medical/pharmaceutical stores etc. I was almost crying when MQM called 3 day strike last year. I went outside, spent hours to see if there is anything open so I can purchase milk for my 2yrs old son. ALTAF & MQM just gave us 1-thing i.e. "NA MALOOM AFRAAD" in other words MQM Militant wings in their Unit-offices in Karachi. If you speak against them or If don't give them Money (Bhatta) then you'll be dead next day. 3days back 20yrs old guy working in Tyre market killed because of not giving them Bhatta Money.

    You don't have freedom of speech in Karachi.


    • Hisham said:

      I agree with you totally. My sympathies are with you. May Allah help the residents of Karachi. Aameen.

    • usman said:

      I Pray to God ,British Govt cancel his nationality and send this ALTAF to Pakistan ……..
      then we will see how he can open his mouth against Pakistan or against IMRAN KHAN

  3. akramirza said:

    first we will crush mqm then the do numbere tattu in pti

  4. Hisham said:

    Altaf Hussain is a terrorist. He is insane. He is enjoying his life in UK. The fact was clear last day when NA 250 was won by another party. This is the ground reality. See the above comment; people hate MQM and their illegal activities, bhatta being the most. May Allah help us get rid of these miscreants.

  5. Raja said:

    I think imran khan is a very honest person very loyal other side altar Husain he is a murderer he should not be in this world not even his people who they take money ( bhatta) and kill innocent people pakistani govt should hang altaf Husain

  6. Mumtaz Khan said:

    MQM is in for trouble.

    Altaf Hussain’s hysterics betray his weaking grip over the party.

    Wait for singled out ‘rabita committee’ members jumping the ship.

    • Nusrat said:

      I agree with.Just praying for this to happen soon In shaa Allah.

  7. Malik Tariq said:

    PTI and IMRAN Khan deserve praise for awakening the middle class who have stood up to protest against MQM in Karachi, which was unthinkable. The protests in London, Karachi and Lahore are a welcome sign. Middle class is always supposed to be the conscience of a nation and its civil society and They Are Wide Awake Now.

  8. Vaqar - UK said:

    Mutahida Qatil Mafia's time will be up soon, and Inshallah Karachi residents will be able to breathe again soon. Their drunk leader in London is losing his grip.

  9. Aam shehri said:

    Media has to play its part. Altaf hussain threatened the media as well. If a commom man is out on the streets against MQM, why are you so afraid. We need to expose this terrorist party and that animal sitting in London. Dont let fear stop you from whats truth.

  10. khalid said:

    MQM should be bqanned and all itd so called ileterate leaders jailed .

    pray to the All Mighty ALLAH and think for a positive change.leyts live with respect.Ameen

  11. Mudassir Mir said:

    MQM leader was drunk as he always seems to be he has a world record for provoking innocent youth to becoming killers and thereafter killing them agian through new youth for the last 25 – 30 years …. but his days are over now… Insha Allah…

  12. samar said:

    PML N or PPP rarely speak against altaf or mqm….karachi is terrorized and mom tell horour stories about MQM thugs before they put their kids to bed.

    If people in karachi have any shame left, they should stand up against MQM and altaf…the way I see it if you keep giving them 'Bhatta' or thug money it will keep encouraging them…and your mobile phones will still get robbed and you will still not be safe in your own homes as it is now…however if we all stand up against MQM and altaf, there is a chance we can all over come them…..the choice is ours my brave pakistanis…

    • Omer said:

      YEs it only MQM that is Sohrab Goth. Lyari and Minghopir are so safe where as Gulshan, FB Area and other places where MQM is incharge like PECHS are terrorist havens.

      Come on guys stop this prejudice,

  13. nusrat said:

    I am just failed to understand how a mentally unstable person like Altaf hussain is controlling this part for so many years .I really do not know how people can hear his trash talk.Allah Tala Altaf hussain or MQM say karachi ko Nijaat Atta farma day(Ameen).

    • Msg said:

      Aameen Ya Arhamar Rahemeen, Aameen
      Aameen Ya Hyyu Ya Qyyum, Aameen
      Aameen Ya Rabee Aameen.


  14. hasi said:

    I salute pti workers who stood bravely against the terrorists

  15. Rashid said:

    left mqm now pti, learn mistakes, bhai log looted my sister house.

  16. bj said:

    I am living in Karachi for the last 12 years, I wish a day come in my life when i leave home for work with out fear that i may not come. My sons are uni going they too have the same felling. We long for leader who could stir us out of this unpredictable situation.

  17. syed irfan said:

    Altaf Hussain should be declared as traitor and given punishment of death at statement of "Karachi should be separated" They claimed they are Mahajar, so they are not Pakistani. How he ask "karachi should be separated" Listen O Traitor, terrorist Altaf Hussain, Karachi is not your mother dowry. Karachi is part of Pakistan and heart of Pakistan. Lanat he Tum par

  18. Reader said:

    Show these comments to our restored Chief Justice who delivered speeches but Justice.He ignored Lawyers misconduct and seems to look the otherway when Traitor Altaf talks garbage.

  19. fakhar said:

    Its amazing for me to understand for Karachi peoples how do they tolerate listening Altaf Address.They all should stand up against the trouble creater. Its all the way rubbish Altaf keep talking like a joker , he should be ashamed of the words he chose for his speech, its really a low level mentality.I dont have the words to use here to express how dirty politics MQM is playing.

  20. Rafi said:

    Who is KUTA ka pilla ? even entire world knows that , a kuta ka pilla is one who always remain in someone shelter … peoples knows best who is in who's shelter ……. guess all wise peoples might have understand who is KUTA KA PILLA.

  21. Mohammad said:

    Well it is a very good sign that people have finally started speaking without fear about Altaf Hussain. Everyone knew in Karachi for last 25 years what MQM is all about.

    We hope and sincerely pray to Allah to help us get rid of this mafia.

  22. Khizer said:

    I think there should be a legislation, by which, no person should be allowed to address or make speeches live or recorded from sitting abroad. Whosoever wants to address his party workers, supporters or party leaders should come in Pakistan. In this way this country and nation can be saved from Altaf Hussain and Tahir Ul Qadri Type fraud leaders.

  23. Mubashar said:

    I want to ask chief justice of Pakistan that is any brtish national allowed to make and run a political party in Pakistan.

  24. Javed said:

    If any Government wants peace in will have to ban telephonic speeches of Altaf Hussain

  25. arman khan said:

    Law should be passed by new elected national assembly that nobody can deliver telephonic speech in Pakistan from abroad. and this law should be applied to everyone even the prime minister of Pakistan.

  26. Arshad said:

    I'm living in F.B. Area Karachi near Nine Zero and always afraid to go outside with my family because of MQM Terrorism and law and order situation. I can't do business without giving "Bhatta" to "NA MALOOM AFRAAD" in other words MQM Terrorist wing in their Unit offices in Karachi. You do not have freedom of speech in Karachi.


  27. Asfar said:

    Very Good , MQM workers should also beat bloody leader Altaf Hussain to death, for the worst Law and Order situation and harm he had done to Karachi from last many years. MQM had made life hell for common people. Karachi is not Altaf Hussain's father property.

  28. KAMAL said:

    Wow ! What a Good Democratic Party is MQM, workers beating leaders, should also beat hard Altaf Hussain with a big DANDA and JOOTA.

  29. oBSERVER said:

    Can't The Scotland Yard and MI5 read this. Actually Altaf is a petty operator for them and therefore Metropolitan Police London is fooling us . UK Govt is scum of the earth. Period. All such criminal orgs have their HQ in London.

  30. KAMAL said:

    Farooq Sattar was also got beaten should resign like Mustafa Kamal and Anis Qaimkhani did . MQM and Karachi is not Altaf Hussain's father property.

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