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ECP forms 14 election tribunals to investigate rigging

The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has formulated 14 election tribunals across Pakistan to investigate the allegations of rigging put forth by various political parties.

Punjab will have five tribunals while other provinces will have to suffice with three tribunals each.

A total of 14 retired judges have been selected by the ECP to head these tribunals.

Shortly after the polls, a statement released by the ECP said the presiding officers received threats and the election material was stolen from them by criminal elements in Karachi.

Additionally, the substitute officers appointed by the district returning officers were also threatened which was why they refused to perform their duties. The office of the chief election commissioner was also fired upon, it said.

Apart from Karachi, protests were also staged in Lahore and Rahimyar Khan against alleged rigging in their constituencies.

Chief Election Commissioner Fakhruddin G Ebrahim ensured the enraged voters that their complaints will not go to waste and the ECP will take strict action against those responsible for the rigging.

Additionally, the returning officers and other staff present at the polling stations will also be asked to file their comments regarding the matter.

Polling was stopped at 43 polling stations in the NA-250 in Karachi. Reports suggest that the ECP will hold elections at these polling stations on Sunday.

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  1. Kashif Ali said:

    We condemned all the election rigging throughout Pakistan & this thing is not acceptable regarding free & fair election further competency of election commission is still a question however above said comments is creating a huge catastrophe for the people of Pakistan.

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