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Yes, we will do it!

  • Arrest warrants of 997 govt employees withdrawn as they agree to perform election duties

A district returning officer (DRO) withdrew the arrest warrants of 997 government employees who had refused to perform election duties on May 11.

Last week returning officers (ROs) had issued arrest warrants of one thousand government employees who had refused to perform election duties in Lahore.

ROs had summoned employees of different government departments in connection with election duties in 13 constituencies of the National Assembly and 25 constituencies of the Punjab Assembly in the city. Some employees assured their presence during elections while about one thousand employees kept on pursuing evasive tactics and sending applications showing refusal to do these duties.

However, on Monday, 997 government employees agreed to perform their duties and thus their arrest warrants were withdrawn. The consented employees have been directed to contact with the concerned training centres.

According to the Civil Servants Act 1964 Article 179 Paragraph A Clause 2 and Article 178 Clause 1, the services of government employee can be hired in aid to administrative affairs under the activity of the federation. The laws which are applicable to all the institutions running under the federation are deemed to have been applied in the provinces in the same vein. It is binding on government employees to do duties during polls and they are compensated for such duties. Those who refuse to perform election duty are liable to be proceeded against under articles 178 and 179 of the Constitution. Such punishment may entail termination from service.

Article 220 of the Constitution makes it binding on federal and provincial governments to assist the Election Commission in dealing with administrative matters.

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