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Five killed in mortar explosions near tribal belt

At least five persons including a woman and two children were killed and several others injured as a result of explosions at Buner and Peshawar on Friday.
Per reports from Buner, a woman along with two children found a mortar shell in a field near their home in Showayee village, Korea Town. The children were playing with the shell when a huge explosion occurred, killing all three on the spot.
Officials said all three belonged to the same family. The children were cousins while the woman was their aunt.
Soon after the explosion, security officials rushed to the site and helped in rescue activities. Armed forces are still camping in parts of Malakand including Buner. People from the area expressed concern over presence of a mortar shell in the field.
Meanwhile, a mortar shell struck a house in the outskirts of Peshawar, near Bara in Khyber Agency, killing at least two persons from the same family. Security forces camping at Bara have been engaged in shelling against hideouts and dins of militants from time to time.
At Matanai area of Peshawar, adjacent to Dara Adam Khel, three persons were injured in an improvised explosive devise (IED) blast. The explosive was planted near the house of Waqif Khan, member of a local peace committee.

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