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Ayaz Amir resolves to defeat PML-N in Chakwal


  • Says Nawaz was never a democrat, should thank Musharraf for making him ‘champion of democracy’

Though eminent columnist-turned-politician Ayaz Amir is down and out after being rejected a PML-N ticket for NA-60 Chakwal, the former MNA has announced to support the candidates of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) in his hometown to take revenge from his former party leader – Nawaz Sharif.

Ayaz, who accused Nawaz of being power hungry, commands respect and support not only in the journalist and political community, but among his electorate as well.

“I have withdrawn and my entire panel would now support PTI candidates in across Chakwal unconditionally,” Ayaz told Pakistan Today.

Elected on a PML-N ticket from Chakwal from NA-60 in 2008 elections with a record over 100,000 votes, Ayaz toed his party line and even remained steadfast in struggle against former dictator Gen (r) Pervez Musharraf for the return of the Sharif family from exile.

During the days since October 1999 to 2008, Amir took part in rallies to mobilise voters and supporters. He also remained actively involved in writing columns against the dictatorial rule of Musharraf.

“When they were in exile, my columns based on principled and bold stance against Musharraf were the most favourite gifts for Nawaz and Shahbaz Sharif,” said Amir, adding that both brothers often used to recognise his services in this regard.

“But soon after their return to power, my bold and principled stance became unbearable for Sharifs which I used to reflect in my columns and TV shows. Since I did not believe in the tricks of flattering, I became the most undesirable person,” he added.

Referring to the spoiler’s role played by Nisar Ai Khan, Amir said he was disliked by the former leader of opposition as he did not have a habit of buttering him up like other MNAs. “I did not go to his chamber even once in past five years. This was perhaps disturbing for him,” he added.

“So Nisar decided to pick Major (r) Tahir Iqbal, son-in-law of Lt Gen (r) Abdul Majid Malik, who was a kitchen cabinet member of Nawaz Sharif in 1990s but left him soon after the coup by Musharraf.”

Unlike Amir, Malik joined forces with Musharraf and enjoyed a merry ride until 2008, as his son-in-law was made the state minister in Shaukat Aziz’s cabinet. The same Tahir Iqbal has now replaced Ayaz Amir.

“Let me admit that I and Sharifs were never birds of the same feather. I could not go along with the PML-N anymore. Though I never agreed with their policies, but I remained with them on insistence of my electorate who wanted me to remain with the PML-N. I resigned in 1998 as well, but later rejoined when Sharifs were overthrown by Musharraf,” Ayaz said.

To a question, Ayaz said Nawaz was never a democrat and he never believed in democratic norms. He said Nawaz was nurtured by a dictator and was in habit of remaining in power at all costs.

“He knows that this is the last chance for him to grab power. So he is desperate for power. He feels if he loses this chance, he would never be able to win again. He is not a democrat. He should be thankful to General Musharraf whose coup made him champion of democracy,” he concluded.

Ayaz Amir was elected a member of National Assembly representing Chakwal in 2008 as a candidate of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz.

He resigned from the party on April 19, 2013. He became famous as a columnist for the newspaper Dawn. But in 2008, after he was elected to the National Assembly, Ayaz began to write for The News.

His columns have been critical of the Pakistan Army’s role in politics throughout the history of the country. He is considered a liberal, arguing passionately the case for rule of law, democracy, and an end to failed military rule along with extremist versions of Islam.


  1. Q.ZAHID said:

    MR. Amir, please refrain yourself from this politics. We do respect you as a journalist and very educated journalist. You were never fitted in your old party. But please don't change your party likeany other lota. A lot of people follow you and would like you to see impartial. Thanks,

  2. Amir said:

    I had a lot of respect for Ayaz Amir and I never understood why he joined the PML-N. He did not have much in common with the mentality of Sharifs and their cronies. In my opinion, he should have participated in elections as an independent candidate so that instead of (seemingly) toeing the line of the Sharifs, he could have stayed more democratic. Now, it seems very obvious that if he had gotten the ticket, he would have stayed with PML-N, even though he claims that he was always a mis-fit there. Any educated, forward thinking and pro-democracy person does not belong to PML-N.

    • Pro Bono Publico said:

      Ayaz Amir burst out when his nomination paper got rejected, trying to evade the fact that, in his columns, he boasted his alcohol consumption. The RO was right in refusing his application.
      Now that he has left Nawaz League in a huff, how much eight he would carry among his electorate.In his columns he was claiming that his Nawaz League association was out of necessity. But otherwise, he was critical of others for exactly the same weakness of not working according to moral values.
      Let us hope that he does not hurt PTI.

  3. hidayat said:

    I took him only a decade or more to know Sharif's. Sorry for such an educated person to be ignorant about a reality for this much long.
    I believe Sharif Brothers will very soon get him back into their Basket.

  4. TARIQ KHAN said:

    Sad. A highly educated and normal person of the stature of AYAZ AMIR has now realised the Lohari Hammer of Sharif Brothers. For him the best will be to concentrate on his pen and paper. Express himself globally..: Tariq Khan.

  5. ASAF ALI SHAH said:

    If he did not like PML(N), why did he apply for their ticket? After having been refused the ticket, he has left the party. Not a very principled person.

  6. YKS said:

    It is sad that you have withdrawn from the race, I rejoice at you being out of PML-Nepotism and wish you would hace stood your ground and made them weep and regret by winning.Your victory was certain, had you the foresight to persevere.

  7. A Hakim said:

    Whatever the reasons for Ayaz Amir Sahib decision to stand independent in Chakwal and speak all out in support of Tehreek e Insaf is to be welcomed. Imran Khan and his Tehreek e Insaf are the only source of bringing about real and change for the better. I appeal to all Pakistanis to grab this moment and go all-out in support of Imran Khan and help stop the rot in our country. This is the moment to convert despondency and frustration into real hope and a better future for our beloved country. Pakistan Zindabad

  8. Shahid Raza said:

    If all of us realise what AYaz Amir has lately realised. It will be easy to understand that he is not only revengful but also decietful. A real son of of a real dictator who even today his tenticles in our body politics in a person who has the same facial and behavioral attributes.

  9. Yaqoob said:

    Ayaz Sb. you were always a misfit in PML-N and glad you decided to quit. I'm even happier now that you are supporting Imran Khan. Never Sharif was never and will never become a democrat. For all the supporters of N on this blog, haven't seen both brothers operate and their ways of working in the party. Ironically, NS who speaks the most against dictators probably needs to look inside himself and see what he is and how he runs his party. Only the ppl who wag their tails around them; having no self esteem and are in some way or ther other related to the brothers, are the blessed ones, get tickets, their daughters/sisters get reserve seat nominations.
    Good decision Ayaz sahib, I have been an ardent reader of your articles and look forward to more.

  10. Saleem said:

    If he had got the ticket, Nawaz would have been OK. What a shame. Principles are based on personal interest!. No more respect for Ayaz Amir. He is no better any other politician

  11. ASAF ALI SHAH said:

    I thought Ayaz Amir was too full of himself, scoffing at people right, left and centre. I stopped reading his articles.

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