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Ayaz Amir quits PML-N, will support PTI

Eminent columnist and politician Ayaz Amir on Thursday said that after the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) denied a ticket to him from his home constituency in Chakwal, he felt much relieved as he was out of this party now. His panel is expected announce unconditional support for the Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI) in Chakwal on Friday.

“The PML-N is a party in which the cardinal virtue to move forward is sycophancy. Since I was deficient in mastering this art, I couldn’t get along with it,” Amir told a local newspaper.

The PML-N preferred to go for Maj (r) Tahir Iqbal, nephew and son-in-law of Lt Gen (r) Abdul Majeed Malik, for NA-60 Chakwal that Ayaz Amir had won in 2008 with a huge margin.

“I was a strange ideological fellow traveler of the PML-N. I left the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) in 1998 and came to the PML-N’s rescue in 2002 when it had no other candidate in Chakwal,” Ayaz Amir said. “We put a very strong fight in Talagang.”

The PML-N people, he said, liked his columns during the Pervez Musharraf’s era but held the totally opposite view about them over the last five years.

Ayaz Amir stood down from the contest as he withdrew his nomination papers on Thursday. However, his panel would support the PTI candidates in Chakwal.

He feels that at least four seats of Chakwal and Talagang, including NA-60, NA-61, Punjab Assembly’s PP-20 and PP-22, would be seriously affected due to the influence of his panel in the area.

Ayaz Amir was critical of the top PML-N leader Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan and believed that he was instrumental in refusal of ticket to him.

When Ayaz Amir’s nomination papers were recently rejected by the Chakwal returning officer (later restored by an election tribunal), none from the PML-N even bothered to call him in order to express solidarity with him. He was at a vast distance from his party for quite some time and was feeling uneasy with it.

Tahir Iqbal, who has been granted the PML-N ticket, had switched to the PML-Q after the October 1999 military coup of Pervez Musharraf when the PML-N was in hot waters. He also served as a minister of state during that era. Majeed Malik was a leading member of the kitchen cabinet of Nawaz Sharif when the latter was the prime minister for two times. But when the chips were down, he too said goodbye to him.

However, the former general revived his contacts with the Sharif brothers recently with the objective of getting the PML-N ticket for Tahir Iqbal in which he succeeded.A PML-N leader said that the party decided to select Tahir Iqbal in view of his better prospects of victory, which were much better than those of Ayaz Amir.


    • Ali Maken said:

      brother … its good for NayaPakistan if support is unconditional, as mentioned in article …

  1. mohsin said:

    Such a uncertain man in his decision some time stand with TUQ to support him and some time in ppp and now to support in PTI what is next of him?

  2. @SAHaider said:

    Ayaz Amir was present at PTI's Oct 30th Lahore Jalsa. He had witnessed the passion of the youth for Change. I was always thinking why he was still in PMLN where he was a genuine mis-fit. Then he wrote a column which clearly showed his appreciation towards the type of public who gathered at Minar e Pakistan & also their passion. Ayaz Amir was certainly a mis-fit in a party that is a Family Limited Party.

  3. Adeel said:

    I still cant believe that Ayaz Amir can stoop low to that extent, well his action has proved that his ideology is only a national assembly's ticket, he belongs to the party that grants him ticket.

  4. Usman said:

    great and timely decision to say goodbye to nawaz family league

  5. Salman Khan said:

    Good decision by ayaz amir .. Young generation will support him to bring change. Well come to PTI.

  6. Raza said:

    I think he has made a right decision in the end. May God bless him,

  7. ALI said:


    • Hamza said:

      Ayaz Amir was a graphic symbol in PML(n) but it was hard to understand him especially for foolhardy people like this party has. He is lucky enough to be out of rut.
      He must support,now PTI which is a good cause . May God bless Ayaz Amir.

  8. bilal fsd said:

    i think A Amir should take ticket from mqm. cal for help to ranjeet singh who is his ideal

  9. Bahre karam said:

    It is good decision.Well come ayaz amir. We will bring change in the whole country nd bring piece in the country and give equal opportunity to every one. AB NAHI TO KAB ? HUM NAHI TO KON ?

  10. iftikhar said:

    achha kia . pml n k liy unfit thy. agar chand din pehly yeh faisla karty to kia baat thi. congratulation to pti

  11. Uzair Khan via Faceb said:

    waise seriously i dont buy this rumor

  12. Mehr said:

    349 votes sa jeeta tha pichli dafa b who says k big lead sa jeeta tha

  13. Habibktk said:

    Welcome! Ayaz Amir we need the person like youzm I knew u mind and thinking are not with pmln as pmln is the party of liers.

  14. Ihsan said:

    Ayaz ameer has decided correctly.His was the calibre which remains alien to PML -N. There is no room for critique , let the country might go to abyss.These turn taking professional politicians must be defeated for a change through young blood.Well done Ayaz Ameer

  15. shomail ahmad said:

    People who are criticizing him now,have nit read his columns. He did support Imran khan, TUQ and Nawaz shareef, when he thought they have done something good. I heard him saying in Khabarnak that he might have some reservations against tahir ul qadri and he might not like his politics, but he is really impressed by solidarity shown by his followers, who stood there in cold weather and rain could not scare them off.He said their passion was admirable and he was highly impressed. Same words were used about imran khan. Now, you tell me,how can we call him an opportunist, when he maintained a steady line throughout.

  16. Syed Mohammed Baqar said:

    If we are decent and patriotic we must salute sir Ayaz Mir, not just because he will inshallah support PTI but for his loyalty to his country. He does understand those who are supporting PTI today were the supporters of other party in past and we all need to change this country for the betterment of our future generation !!!!!!!!

  17. Syed Mohammed Baqar said:

    Sir / Madam Shomail Ahmer I do 100 percent agree with you he is the person who Honur the people who was supporting Tahirulqadri. Thank you very much for reminding us again
    Pakistan Zindabad !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. aattttt said:

    he is anti pakistan person, he should not be in pti
    i wont supprot pti if this anti pak person wins

    • Ali said:

      Correct your English first, no one is anti Pakistan. Everyone do have their views….dimagh ko broad kero

    • Adnan said:

      We will support Pti.Well come to pti ayaz amir.We will bring change.

  19. Wasdajhsja said:

    Ye tu pehle hi seat ka bhoka tha……corrupt admi hai ye ……..ye zionist ki policy le kar aya hai es ki article communist banani ki taraf ashara karte hai….

  20. naeem umer said:

    Well, as PTI is always welcome critism and healthy critism is always good for rectify the problems and we need people like him to support us in this war with feudalism. I request PTI peoples to open your minds and be open hearted for all Pakistanis, this is how a PTI can become a popular party.

  21. zarak yousafzai said:

    Just see his interview a week ago,, just read his columns since 2000. If one is denied a ticket, He then saw all the crimes,,, why the hell were u silent for 13 14 years,,, u didnt see these things,,,, who is culprit ? who is criminal? who is on high moral grounds? I am not a PML n or PTI supporter but this man i really liked he him.. but now, i was not expecting this>>>>>>>>>> he should have the courage to contest independently,,, if CHAKWAL people love him so much… What one world is better for u?? i am pashtun and will not say that world " respected"


  22. amjad said:

    It is a mistake to be part of a family party (corporation) may it be PPP, PML-N, PML-Q, ANP..

  23. Khan said:

    He is opportunist and will be begging nawaz sharif again as per his past practice.

  24. Mohammad Akram said:

    Mr. Ayaz Amir leaves PML N and joining Imran Khan's party. I would say this is the most intelligent decision he made in his life. There is no point in remaining with a party which is owned by one man i.e. Nawaz Sharif. There is no freedom of speech or no one can say anything against the PML N leader. Mr. Ayaz Amir will be an asset for PTI as he speaks truth and is a highly respected man in all circles of Pakistan. Good luck Amir

  25. imran said:

    Finally he recognizes the truth albeit a little late. He could have been considered a man of principle if he took this decision before applying for party ticket.

  26. Balachandran said:

    At this rate Mr ayaz would have completed exhausted all parties in another 10 years. then he will be fit to become the president as he would have gained friendship with all. But i like his writings. i have reading for the last 10 years. He should be elected as an independent or nominated.

  27. Shasaud said:

    I say well come to Ayaz amir in Pti.He will support pti in chakwal.Pml(n),PPP nd Anp are all family parties.Pti is not one man show party.We will show you on 11 may.irani president Ahmedi nijad says south asia and middle east countries should have leader like imran khan who can talk to america face to face and pakistani people should vote to him.

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