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Musharraf, PPP govt pushed country decades back: Shahbaz

Former president Pervez Musharraf’s dictatorial regime and the corrupt PPP government have pushed Pakistan back decades, former Punjab chief minister Shahbaz Sharif said on Tuesday.

“The extremely difficult times that Pakistan is facing now requires that the PML-N come in power and that too with a majority,” Shahbaz said, adding that in 1998, when Nawaz Sharif had won by two-thirds majority, the PML-N government had carried out nuclear explosions.

“Now the party will ensure massive growth in Pakistan’s economy to bring prosperity back to Pakistan.”

Addressing PML-N workers at the party’s secretariat, Shahbaz said the PPP government had destroyed all national institutions. “Steel Mills, PIA and Railway are a few examples. Even worse is the fact that NAB and other institutions that hold these people accountability and check corruption, have been transformed into bodies that protect these governments.”

The former Punjab chief minister said the PPP was using the tax payers’ money it had amassed while in power on extravagant election campaign. He assured the people that all these efforts will go in vain.

“Had Zardari and Co not shamelessly looted the national exchequer, Pakistan would not have been facing the darkness of load shedding. In the coming elections, these unable rulers will have to be answerable to the people of Pakistan.”

Shahbaz said the responsibility of load shedding lay with the PPP government’s rental power projects which were solely launched to fill the party’s corrupt leaders’ own pockets.


  1. Kamran said:

    I wonder if the sharif clan can give specific examples of how their rule has been beneficial to the masses compared to Musharraf's rule? Every single raw data indicates that Pakistan progressed more rapidly during Musharraf era than any other era in the history of Pakistan.

    • Anon said:

      Pakistan progressed only when US dollars started coming in; i.e., post 9/11 days. When the thieves got organized, that also ($$$) got evaporated …
      No administration gets any credit …

    • Talha Khalil said:

      Grow up, dude. That's why he is rewarded booby prize by our judiciary?

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