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WAPDA starts construction of Darawat and Nai Gaj dams in Sindh

The Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA) has started construction work on Darawat and Nai Gaj dams in Sindh.
According to an official of WAPDA, the dams would irrigate over 25,000 barren land of Hyderabad and Daddu. The construction of site camps is completed including soil investigation of dam and spillway sites. The Darawat dam is located at about 70 kilometers west of Hyderabad and 135 kilometers North East of Karachi across Nai Baran near Jhangir village in Jamshoro district of Sindh.
To a question, the official said the dam will help conserve flood water of Nai Baran and irrigate 25,000 acres of fertile land, adding that the dam will help socio economic uplift of remote areas of Sindh and women emancipation and especially fisheries development.
To another question of financial progress, he said PSDP allocation for financial year 2012-13 for constructing dams in Sindh are Rs 2000,000 million and expenditure up to February, 2013 were Rs 2027.414 million and cumulative expenditures up to February 2013 were Rs 4334.677 million.
Topographic survey of dam, command area and reservoir area is completed and excavation for foundation of dam is completed, he said.
He said concrete pouring work of the dam was in progress and 92 percent work is completed and construction of irrigation system is in progress and 15 percent completed.
Talking about Nai Gaj dam project he said this dam is proposed across Gaj River in the gorge area at the edge of Kirthar range about 65 kilo meter north west of Dadu city in Sindh province.
To a question, he said the objective of this dam to irrigate agriculture development and flood control and fisheries development and uplift socio economic conditions inspiring emancipation of women and poor community of the area.

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