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Sana Bucha fired or has left Dunya News on her own?

Less than six months after joining Dunya News, talk show host Sana Bucha has parted ways with the channel.

In a tweet on Monday, she said that as the elections are nearing, the channels and anchors in Pakistan are up for sale. “I refuse to put a price tag on myself. Left Dunya of my own free will.”

However, there are reports that she had been fired.

Sana arrived at Dunya from Geo TV in November last year. She first resigned from Geo News in June over the appointment of the controversial Dr Amir Liaquat Hussain who returned to the channel from ARY and was appointed as the vice president.

Commenting on her resignation then, Sana had said, “Geo was itself going against what it taught me.” But somehow she was persuaded to stay on.

However, she quit again because of the ‘good doctor’. She was said to be upset over the doctor being asked to host a special program on Malala Yousafzai, the child education activist, shot by the Taliban, according to some media reports.


  1. mian q said:

    Sana Bucha has the most favourite persoality in media liked by the viewers. Her figure, style, body language and programme presenting style is most favourite.She is a courageous figure to say the truth in most suitable words, ascent and action. Geo lost its viewere since she left.

    There is pressure from politicians, capitalists and other sources/forces and one has to surrender to that!. Now way.

    • ahmad Saeed said:

      you mad or what…she herself is the biggest lafafa anchor….she is biased towards N-league and anyone can tell that…stop your tharki eye so that you can see her journalism as well not only her style body language and figure ( waisay God know how uve seen it)…no hard feeling 🙂

    • khurram52c said:

      seriously ….. figure ??? in order of priority ..!! u r sad sad man!!

    • Baber said:

      Mian Q – you are a Tharki Man… 🙂
      So, you mean you watch her for her figures 😛

    • Sajjad Khokhae said:

      I totally agree with the comments and views about Sana Bucha,,,, She is very special smart anchor with high inspiration and have the ability to attract her viewers to keep on focus over her views and smart questions,,,,

  2. sanaullah Chaudhry said:

    Leave her up if she did wrong then it is wrong but if chanel fire her then perhaps they will not suffer because they have many resources. The anchor as a journalist they must have the right to say right!

  3. khattak said:

    Respect for your principle stance and actions!!

  4. M Shahzad said:

    all anchors are like her and have price,once she will be offered more money she will join that channel.

  5. Attiq-ur-Rahman said:

    Leave her at her own. She is not worth discussing. She is paid journalist of PML N for sure.However, very soon she will be bitting the dust.

  6. Fin said:

    Sana was paid by both PMLn and Malik Riaz…..If you google…You will will find that her name was on the list of Journalists that were paid by Ministry of Information (Tax payer money), So Dunya News did really good to fire her as she could become liability for them also you will find that she took money from MAlik Riaz (Bahria town)….In our UK she is known as a black mailer Journalist…..Its good that Dunya fired her and got rid of her as Geo News….Black sheep of Journalism

    • Amjad Iqbal said:

      There are a lot more journalists who have a reputation as blackmailers, such as Kamran Khan, Hamid Mir, etc. etc.

  7. Raju said:

    Everybody knows feudal background of SANA BUCHA, she was on payroll of Land Mafia tycoon.

  8. Raza said:

    she is good anchor and truly present voice of Pakistan citizen

  9. Mubashir Khalid said:

    First to them who call her PML (N) favouring anchor she is not. Likening any political party is a free will of any person.

    She is not like shahid masood hamid mir / kamran khan /mehar bukhari / jasmine manzoor very biased anchors

    Having a great personality helps you to make people listen you i don’t know that how people take personality 🙂 I am not talking about body figure.

    She is one of the best anchors available in Pakistan.

    I wish her luck, life & success on every step of her life.

  10. dr iqbal qadir said:

    Being an overseas pakistani , i do feel this lady was arrogant and always tried to push in stupid way her prefed ideas and prepaid comment to the people she was interviewing
    i would say these paid anchors, should get some educated people from the street and then discuss not by bringing some faces of their liking and disliking

  11. khan said:

    yaha hasan nisar jese loog bik jate he.iski awqat kiya he.
    zardari and nawaz has already put a price tag on every mulk me hum ne Emaan ka sawda hote hoye dekha he.tum daam bara kar tu dekho.,

  12. A Hussain said:

    Sanna Bucha is one of the few journalists who has principles and values , she is too good to be a part of our corrupt media fraternity , she is a kind, honest and sincere person. She says what she means and says it mean, she is not in it for the money but for the pursuit of a higher goal , we need more people like her to bring about a change in this decayed society of ours, Sanna does not need GEO or Dunya our channels need more journalists like her, I wish her the best in whatever she does, she is always missed but we will see her again hopefully sooner rather then later. She is a fighter and she always comes back bigger and better, all the best Sanna

    PS don’t care what u trolls out there call me thurki etc whatever , sticks n stones may break my bones but words never hurt me

  13. zulfiqar ilahi malik said:

    sana bucha is the best anchor you people against her is most likely near by pti ok she have good will power and she is strong lady so talk nicely about her ok take care
    zulfiqar ilahi malik

  14. hidayat said:

    Remember in Pakistan media may be free but not fair for sure….Same the news channels are also here for business.

  15. hidayat said:

    She is very arrogant and non-professional. One day she was interviewing Imran Khan and her first question was Mr. Khan what are your weaknesses?? would she ask the same question from any other pakistani politician like Yousaf Raza Gillani or Nawaz Sharif??. From that day onward, I never considered her a journalist. I am glad she has been fired by Dunya Channel.

  16. Mian Saqib said:

    You should come back Sana, you are one of the best among all. You are intelligent, logical and sensible. We need people like you in front media.

    • Mani said:

      Daughter of a rapist, known for taking money from land mafia tycoons. Good riddance to ad rubbish

  17. Tariq said:

    she is very talented and honest anchors…..

  18. A Choudhry said:

    Go Sana! It is good to see this generation standing up for what they believe in! Keep it up….

  19. Tariq Ali Shah said:

    Your going very nice in "Lakin" please join again

  20. Meme said:

    All you people who are insulting Sana Bucha, let me tell you, she is an intelligent anchor, she does not work for money, that’s why she will not do any show again. So keep on saying whatever you want.

  21. Sameer said:

    Why the hell will Sana Bucha work for a cheap channel like Geo and Dunya? She is not like other anchors. She deserves BBC.

  22. WikiLeaks said:

    She left GEO because Amir Liaquat was always saying bad things to her.

  23. wajid ali said:

    she is very bad girl. Always talk in the favour of pml N.

  24. Surryia said:

    We miss Sana Buchcha on Geo TV. We( group of friends) used to like ' aik din Geo Kay Saath' but now feel that Suhail Warich, whomever we liked as a journalist has started choosing people who are just show off, Rich and have not done anything special which the public would like to watch,eg the rich girl who has been nominated not elected , is a fashion designer( we will not call her entrepreneur, has studied in Lums but can not even give interview like a sofisticated person, she left medicine because you have to be kind and sympathetic person to be a good doctor,she chose to go to Lums for business career and we heard his father and can judge where she belongs to. There are some others like that whose homes and wealth had to be shown . We do like those rich businessmen who worked hard from zero or little money but became successful because of them , we want to watch those people who worked hard and stayed focus to be successful in their profession even if they are models, actors ,artists, teachers ,doctors etc . We do not want any marketing of rubbish rich people who have not done anything for Pakistan , or community but are lousy lucky to be born in rich families. We are watching a lot of these people now. We only like dramas of Geo and would like to watch that on Internet only. leave Geo and will not waste our money. At the moment PTV is a decent channel if it starts telling us the facts and true news. Overseas people like Sober and classic TV channel for news at least. We don't want the news in poetry and songs.

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