PTI gives into pressure: Aleem Khan awarded ticket

The parliamentary board of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) late Tuesday night gave into pressure and awarded Aleem Khan the party ticket for NA-127.

Earlier, sources had revealed that the parliamentary board had turned down Aleem Khan for the party ticket, following which PTI Chairman Imran Khan and Aleem Khan had exchanged hot words. There were also rumors that Aleem Khan would contest as an independent candidate.

However, the parliamentary board changed its decision and awarded the NA-127 party ticket to Aleem Khan, the party’s alleged biggest financier.

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    • MR AJ said:

      This media has to create FAKE Impression on PTI as they are paid to degrade PTI

  1. Aamir Mushtaq said:

    InamULLAH is still with PTI so correct the news

  2. raveem said:

    good decision….. keep the corrupt people out

    • shujaat usmani said:

      do u have any proof of his corruption, or anyone else has???? no proven charges against him

    • shujaat usmani said:

      its not imran khans decision, its media pressure used by opponents and people like u who r happy to divide pti vote bank

  3. Ahmed said:

    The Party have not announced the party tickets to candidates contesting for NA/PA Seats

  4. Ahmed said:

    The Party have not announced to give the party tickets to candidates contesting for NA/PA Seats. The official list of candidates getting party tickets have not been released and it will be released soon.

  5. naveed said:

    good decision ……………………keep it up………PTI.

  6. Ana kana said:

    now i can think ot give my vote to pti…..:)

  7. shahid said:

    ha ha at ana kana.. not at your comments but at your name.. ana kana ha ha.. well vote is for PTI.. captaan is the a great man

  8. Shahzeb Naveed via F said:

    correct ur info. Inamullah hasn't left.

  9. jara said:

    well done imran khan sweep out trash like him he can go and kiss pmln ass .what a plonker .

  10. Mast Malang said:

    Inamullah hasn't left the party yet, its a shame how such big news agencies try to spread news without proper research.

  11. jamal said:

    I think party is important then seats… If all member understand this then there is problem.. Please let captain do best …

  12. pakistani said:

    Imran khan should be very careful by making decisions on the basis of media persons.I do not know about aleem khan but if he can win then he should be given ticket.Look at Nawaz sharif getting all the lotas from all over the place.

  13. Talha said:

    That’s a good decision it should be repeated in case of Rashid Bhatti as well. Alim and Rashid both are known for corruption and other scandals. Good luck PTI and good decision.

  14. Ghazali said:

    All those rejoicing over this news and celebrating the fact that imran khan has upheld the norms of honesty and integrity should know that this news is false and aleem khan has been awarded the ticket. All of you who think he would not have been after spending so much money are living in fool's paradise. PTI is just like any other party. So come back down to earth.

  15. saif ur rehman sturyani said:

    aleem khan should not leave the party but he needs to be very careful in making any dicision………

  16. Ahmed Uzair said:

    Correct your report Aleem Khan has been awarded the ticket for NA – 127 and a PP seat as well.

  17. shujaat usmani said:

    PTI is doing a big mistake not giving ticket to Aleem khan, votes will divide and benifits goes to another party

  18. shujaat usmani said:

    their is no charge against Aleem Khan , its just the opponent plaining by using currupt media

  19. shujaat usmani said:

    shoaib siddiqui should get ticket from pp-156

  20. Show Courage to Read the Reality said:

    There has been no sense in intra party elections when:
    1) Imran Khan remains unchallenged lifetime Chairman of PTI since 1995.

    2) Makhdoomzada ShahMahmood Qureshi remains unchallenged Vice Chairman ever since he jumped into PTI boat. It was the precondition on which he joined PTI in November2011.

    3) Makhdoom Javed Hashmi remains untouched President of PTI ever since he jumped into PTI in December 2011.

    4) Dollar-king Azam Swati remains unchallenged Senior Vice Prseident PTI ever since he joined the “party”.

    The drama of intra party elections was only an eye wash to show expensive tv advertisements. The carpenter, tailor and rickshaw driver showcased by PTI in advertisements are still doing the same odd jobs since the tickets have been given to “big money”.

    Don’t waste your vote on dramas…. Vote for reality, Vote for PML-N.

    • Mohammed said:

      I agree that people should vote for the dynasty that is the PML. We want the sharif family to rob us for life because as the gentleman wrote, we the Pakistani people are nothing but cretins and serfs and deserve to be robbed by the President for Life Nawaz Sharif. Well written sir, your intelligence has really underwhelmed me.

  21. Shair Khan said:

    This dose not speak well for either of them: "Earlier, sources had revealed that the parliamentary board had turned down Aleem Khan for the party ticket, following which PTI Chairman Imran Khan and Aleem Khan had exchanged hot words."

  22. rai said:

    Pti is a great party ….but the tickets are not announced correctly………in pp173 nosher mann is avarded with the ticket …..but the fact is nobody knows him the deserving canidate was Rai ali zulqarnai…….

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