Minorities under attack: Ahmadi family tortured by mob

In a continuing vicious cycle of attacks on minorities, local clerics on Tuesday attacked a house belonging to an Ahmadi family in Kasur district.

According to reports, a mob led by a local cleric entered the house of an Ahmadi family after chanting slogans against their community and their religious beliefs.

Sources said that the five members of ravaged house tried to hide in a room. However, the mob broke into that room and proceeded to torture the family members.

One of the victims was beaten so badly that he fell unconscious while an elderly man and a woman were also tortured.

The victims were taken to the nearest hospital where one of them was stated to be critical.

Sources said that the police was present at the scene but did not take any action to prevent the mob from entering the house and torturing its occupants.

Head of the Ahmadi community at Kasur, Sheikh Yousaf told Pakistan Today that he had asked the Kasur DPO to establish a checkpost in the area since the Ahmadi community had been receiving threats over the last six months.

He accused the police of leaving the victims helpless against the mob, adding that the mob had demanded the Ahmadi family to convert or face consequences. The house was attacked when the family refused to convert, he said. 

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  1. Peeves said:

    Lets see how many leaders will condemned this attack on Ahmadis !!!

  2. Muhammad Younus Butt said:

    The present Media is playing very negative and destructive policies to spread these minorities under attacks news without any confirmation.If it is a family conflict,but Media immediately adds oil it burn it.This is wrong policy as the country is going under heavy criticism inside and outside.Media must play positive tacticks to gain cheap papularity.

    • lol said:

      Oh yes, stay blind. it is the MEDIA'S fault. not the bigots.

    • munir said:

      So The attacks on shias and Ahmaddis is all a family affair and all a big misunderstanding? Come on Mr. Butt, get your head out of the sand and lokk around you. These extremists need to be arrested and put in jail , so they get t eh message that Pakistan is for all people

  3. A.Khan said:

    Attack on minorities serious crime must be condemn. Learn to respect and tolerate all religions that will only come with education. The Mullahs culture is the main problem in Pakistan who had no knowledge of Qur'an follow the hearsay written in hadith books. Attacking weak minority community is disgusting.

    • Amir said:

      Unless there is a strict action taken against these bigots, it will keep happening. Where is the Punjab administration? but wait, it is PML-N who backs the likes of LeJ and their cronies. So, no one should expect anything from the Punjab government.

  4. Dr.MUHAMMAD said:

    SAD NEWS.What has happened to these illitrate so called Muslims.Why they dont follw the teaching of prophet MUHAMMAD Sa who was RAHMATUL ALMEEN.They are disgracing Islam

    • Shahgee said:

      you are disgracing islam and humanity. I spit on your face,

  5. Nadeem said:

    Could not confirm this new from any credible source so far. Only this tab and tribune published this news which are ofcourse famous for fabricating such news. But still wait. It is surprising that no body posted any pics. These days every body have camras in their pockets

    • Saad said:

      Oh Yeah…the family under torture should have taken PICS!!! you know its said ppl who want to stay blind will stay blind no matter what! where are the pics of the Shias who get killed? where were the pics of the doctor who got killed in Lahore? where are the pics of the victims of the massive attack on Ahmadis in Lahore? get ur head out of ur fool's paradise and look around blind man!

      • Nadeem said:

        As of today no other media out let reported it it looks like a paid story to get immigration abroad.

  6. A.Khan said:

    Religions Islam Christianity Judaism cunningly were hijacked by people who claim that they are the only ones who can understand God (Allah, God) established hierarchy structure for monetary gains & dominating the people. Pope, Priests, Mullahs, Muftis, Ayatollahs don't want common person even try to do interpretation of Qur'an Torah Gospel they deceive people by their own interpretation of God's message. The truth is God message is simple & easy to understand and follow. There is a verse in Qur'an where Allah challenge us to go and ask the scholars (Ulmah), the subject of that Sura is science not religion, the Mullahs take the verse meaning out of context and become the inheritor of Prophet Muhammad.

  7. Salman Zuberi said:

    The constitution needs to be amended into a secular one that proclaims that : Every person has equal rights regardless of the faith they follow.

  8. Shahzad said:

    Where is the CJ and the suo motto? He took one on the Christians. Is he afraid of the moulvis?

  9. Eddied said:

    Isn't creating violence a crime in Pakistan?…if they know who the cleric is who brought in the mob then why hasn't he been arrested?…what right does anyone have to insist that someone change their religion?…are the police useless in preventing this abomination?

  10. Sidra Ishaq via Face said:

    disgusting behaviours of majority!

  11. Awais Javed via Face said:

    The Constitution of Pakistan grants right of freedom of practicing the religion BUT does not allow molding Islam and making changes in it that have severe implications.
    I feel sorry for Ahmadis, BUT that is what they are actually doing !

  12. Salman Zuberi via Fa said:

    Screw the constitution. Who gave anyone the right to promulgate their version of Islam on all people?

  13. Salman Zuberi via Fa said:

    The constitution needs to be amended into a secular one that proclaims that : Every person has equal rights regardless of the faith they follow.

  14. N A Malik said:

    Very Sad to read that in Islamic Republic of Pakistan such persecution and discrimination is going on against Ahmadiyya Muslims and Christians since 1974 in the name of Islam. Citizens of Pakistan should realise that where their country is heading to since 1974. ( Floods, Earthquake, Terrorism, Corruption, Food shortage, Electricity shortage, Suicide bombings, Security, Unemployment, No go Areas ). May Allah open their eyes and hearts to accept all the citizens of Pakistan as one nation.

  15. Munawar said:

    All must know, Mohammad The Messenger of Allah said follows,

    Whoever will torture a neighbor will be in Hell.

    May Almighty Allah secure our Pakistni brothers and sisters from bad sickmind devil Religious and Political Leadres of our pakistani Nation. May Allah put them in torture(Hell) as they are putting our innocent brothers and sisters in torture(Hell). May Allah give them wisdom of peace .
    Let us live and let live in peace.
    Let us follow the Motto . Love for all hatred for none.

  16. Chaudhry said:

    Shame for everybody, for Pakistan, Pakistanis and their leaders. I'd add to Mr. N A Malik's comments that in addition to natural calamities Allah has imposed corrupt leadership on them but they don't understand. There is a curtain on their eyes and they don't understand. Prophets are always a source of God's mercy but the refusal on the part of their nations lead to "severe punishment " like the calamities described above. At the end I can only say, "allahumma ahde qaumi fa innahum la y'alamoon"

  17. Adil Waheed Minhas v said:

    Barma K killing mpay Pakistan Todayko koi takleef nahi hui

  18. Chaudhry said:

    to brother Minhas I'd say that whosoever believes in "Ramatul lil alamine PBUH", he must feel pang for ZULM, wherever it is and upon whomsoever it is. Without having a love for whole of the mankind, Iman of a Muslim is incomplete.

  19. Shahgee said:

    Ahmadis should start fighting back, why do their leaders preach non violence with these crazy people. I would shoot them if they showed up at my house.

    • A Ahmad said:

      violence is never the answer my friend. Stay calm, Allah is the best Judge and He will grant justice to all.

  20. Ahmed said:

    Sad news for my family. Ye Ahmedi family mere uncle ki ha.

  21. Atta UI Islam said:

    This NATION (I dont know we can call this group a nation?) is a big disappointment. They dont deserve to have a land of their own!!! they dont deserve to make laws for their country!!! they dont deserve to have any sampathy from the world for being the target of Talibans and all the killers. Because This nation is THE KILLER of Teachings of Prophit Muhammad (PBUH) and His (PBUH) religion ISLAM. May Allah Keep us safe from THEIR ignorance…AMIN

  22. genesis said:

    This is the problem with monotheist religions>polytheists are more liberal

  23. mian faizan said:

    Allah in logoun ko haidaiyat dai or har ahamdi ka Allah hami o nasir ho Ameen

  24. king khan said:

    that is very shame full to our media ,politicians, and other law enforcements departments they cannot stop his stupidities if every body play his role + ly than in future no incident could be . so we social media 100 and 10 % condemn this violation i hope in future we will not see any incident like this .

  25. Fazal said:

    Minorities are being suffered in Pakistan – and leaders are only struggling in a Do or Die race for elections -. pathetic!

  26. qasim khan said:

    All pakistanis are equal and their rights should be respected. Good muslims are those, who help, respect and tolerate others.

    JUI leadership should be hanged for encouraging extremism, intolerance and dividing pakistanis for their own personal gains.

  27. Shoaib Bhatti said:

    Such incidents are becoming more and more frequent. Hateful ideology has penetrated deep into the society and will destroy us all. If there is a silent majority of peaceful moderates it needs to speak up now or be considered complicit in such atrocities.

  28. Waqas said:

    We condemn police and goverment official for happening this incidents.actually The goverment has no beliefe to protact the minnorities.

  29. Abbas said:

    It is really disgusting and barbaric to attack such a peaceful community which believes on the principle of "Love for all Hatred for none".It is very unfortunate that our society is becoming more intolerant and violent.They believe that by killing Shia, Ahmadis and other minorities they're going to eliminate their creed from the world but they're mistaken.I would request Chief Justice to take notice of such acts of barbarism

  30. hamza azeem said:

    The kasur incident of ahmadi familly of torture was terrible. Even local police were playing a role of helping hand with the mob and directly involved in the incident. there has been no police case registered or any arrests made. I can't understand how such an incident can take place in the first place. I personely believe that every Pakistani citizen has a right to live peacefully ,and to have a right to offer thier prayers frelly and it is the first and formeost duty of the governament to protect them.governament taking no action in this regard or the police and other authorites never take any action about this they always suppourt them by not registering the case.please consider this as every pakistani have a right to live and to be freely in his religion.

  31. Rasheed said:

    Dearth of justice for minorities in Pakistan

    While the world is eyeing towards democracy’s new era in Pakistan, extremist mullas have kept their gallows tight against the minorities of Pakistan. It has been another sad incident. I cannot understand that those people who call them the frontrunners of love of Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) are involved in these shameful activities. Islam is a religion of peace and the teaching of Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is Love for the whole humanity, but these fanatical clerics are defying the true definition of Islam and dragging the struggle of Pakistan of being a peaceful and democratic country into contention.
    I cannot understand that if every person in this world has his/her right to live according to his beliefs and Islam has always taught the teachings of peace and harmony then why these extremist people are ready to descend the good teachings of Islam.
    When the culprits of torturing those two little boys (in Sialkot) were apprehended, I thought that nobody will think ever to involve in such an inhuman act, but the cold heartedness of these clerics have shown that they are not the true believers of Islam. I want to request the world human rights commission to interfere and help killings and torturing of Ahmadis in Pakistan.
    I strongly condemn this sinful activity of torturing the Ahmadi family in Kasur and request the Human right activist of Pakistan, especially chief justice of Pakistan to take an action against this shocking act of injustice.

  32. Javed said:

    This incident is really shameful for the Government of Pakistan , who is fail to provide peaceful life to to the minorities .

  33. basil said:

    All such type of acts are planned and the criminals have the full sport of officials. All know who is behind the Sean. instead of condemn people enjoy the brutality. i highly condemn this kind of acts and hope for a better tolerating future…

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