NADRA’s blunder

I am a senior citizen of Pakistan and my CNIC number is 35201-7795098-1. As I am above 70 years, my card is without any expiry date. Last night, after watching an ad on a TV channel, I wanted to check my registration as a voter and passed on my CNIC number to 8300, the number that the NADRA has set up for this purpose.
Imagine my surprise when the reply that came to my cell phone told me that I was supposed to cast my vote at a booth on Amir Khusro Road, Gulshan-e-Iqbal Town, Karachi East. This is beyond comprehension as I am a resident of Lahore since almost 22 years, residing at 77, Block X, Defence Housing Authority, Lahore. This is also exactly the same address written on my CNIC.
If this is how the NADRA is working, I cannot imagine how many other blunders it may have made. Would anyone from NADRA tell me how can I cast my vote in Lahore, where I reside and rightly entered in my CNIC?


  1. Usman said:

    Similar has the case been with me, when my islamabad registered cnic yielded my registration in peshawar at my wife's ages old address. Whats going on?

  2. Tariq said:

    NADRA has become just another welfare body providing jobs to retired khakis and bureaucrats, instead of an IT organisation that it should be. As for the votes in Karachi, Mr Jafri can be rest assured, his vote will be stuffed in a box there by we know whom.–MQM

  3. bilal said:

    This is the failure of Election Commisssion not NADRA. All Voter lists are entered by election commission of Pakistan.

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