Musharraf returns per promise

Former president and army chief Pervez Musharraf on Sunday ended nearly four years of self-exile by flying to Karachi despite death threats, and said he would face all challenges that lay ahead.
Musharraf landed at Jinnah International Airport via a chartered Emirates flight from Dubai.
Talking to reporters inside the aircraft, a smiling Musharraf said, “It is a very emotional moment. I’m going back after four years.”
“There are security challenges, legal challenges and political challenges but I will face them,” said Musharraf, clad in a white shalwar kameez, as he made his way out of the aircraft.
“I am feeling concerned about the unknown… there are a lot of unknown factors of terrorism and extremism, unknown factors of legal issues, of how I will be perform (in the elections),” he said.
A TV channel reported that military authorities, through the Defence Ministry, had sent a letter to the Interior Ministry to provide security to the former president.
Musharraf’s planned press conference at the airport was cancelled and would be held later in the week in Islamabad.
Security and party officials confirmed that the former president had, after consultations with his All Pakistan Muslim League (APML) executive members inside the terminal, decided to hold a press conference in Punjab on Wednesday.
“Security officials advised Musharraf after his arrival that he should not hold a press conference, neither try to address a rally because they wanted to take him from the airport to his destination as soon, and as discreetly as possible due to high security risks,” a party member said.
He is expected to stay in Karachi for two days before going to Islamabad.
Security at the airport was tight in the wake of threats to Musharraf’s life from the Pakistani Taliban.
Hundreds of police and paramilitary officials were present inside and outside the airport to provide security cover to the former president.
Sniffer dogs and scanners were used to check all incoming and outgoing vehicles and people at the airport.
Hours before his return, authorities in Karachi cancelled permission for a meeting that was to be addressed by Musharraf at a ground near the mausoleum of Mohammad Ali Jinnah.
Sindh Police spokesman SSP Imran Shaukat said the no-objection certificate for the public meeting to be addressed by Musharraf had been withdrawn due to “serious security threats” to the former president.
The police had officially informed Musharraf’s party, the APML, about the decision, he said.
“The APML has agreed to cancel the public meeting,” he added.
Addressing the crowd which had gathered to welcome him at the airport, Musharraf said he had come to Pakistan as promised, despite all threats. He said he was not afraid of anyone except the Almighty. He said he was a practicing Muslim, like many others and rejected all judgements over his character.
The former president said the Pakistan that he had left four years ago had disappeared, adding that it hurt him to witness poverty, unemployment and lawlessness in the country where the masses were being crushed.
He claimed he came back for the masses and will give them the Pakistan he had left behind. He appealed to the people of Karachi to help restore peace to the city of lights.
Musharraf said he would hold rallies all over the country and try to garner as much political support as possible for the upcoming elections.

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  1. @erric300 said:


  2. SHB said:

    Mr Musharaff had his chance to serve Pakistan. He is now taking wrong exit in life.
    He already took wrong exit back in 2009 when he left the country for London and UAE.

  3. Observer said:

    This self-styled savior of Pakistan is back only to be kicked and tossed out in the coming elections. That too if he is allowed that long to live in Pakistan. Yesterday, he declared himself to be the savior of Pakistan…… we should tell him to save his ass first before saving somebody else

    • Nazia said:

      you are right he is jsut here to saving his assests and lost self respect which he had lost while moving here and there as ex ruler of Pakistan.For last 5 years he spend billions on his political campaign,None of his admirers have any reply that from where he got such huge budget for his self projection.All knows that he has just handful of crooks cock with him whom he given extra ordinarily national privileges while he was doing business ventures on the name of war and terror.Interestingly MQM didnt provide him just one day political support so he had to move to hotel with huge security.I think MQM also want to cash this situation that is why keep him here and mint more money from him by creating mockery scenes as we saw yesterday.This is expected surprise that even his millions Facebook fans vanish from real scene whenever he needed them.:)

  4. desi said:

    All you morons are forgetting that every politician starting from Zardari to Sharifs and the rest of the s**h**i**t bags also have all kinds of cases pending against them,fortunately for them all,they have claimed immunity.And by the way,read up on the history you idiots,they all too left the country years back and came back to run for the elections.So nobody is perfect,IDIOTS.

  5. hasi said:

    I wonder the Chaudhries of Gujrat were not seen in welcoming Mushraf. Pervaiz
    Elahi used to say he wanted Mushraf to be President for life. Sharam Magr tum ko nahin aati

  6. Overseas Officer said:

    Moderation team is afraid (shivering in their shoes) to publish my comments. They do not want the truth to be told to Pakistani people.

  7. Cobrajock said:

    Nice to see all the anti Musharraf worms crawling out of the woodwork now that he is back. It was expected from these opportunists for hire. Some have gone bonkers as they never expected him to return. What a nation of miserable literate goofies.

    • Nazia said:

      Cobray so poor in expressions! we are not anti Musharraf worms who tickled him for last 5 years to stay away from this country where he ruled like headless executive.Like him many generals did wrong even genocide of Bengali but all stayed here and taken their last breath and Pakistani nation bear the charges of their coffin, grave and memorial services too.He went to self exiles on his own basis .Perhaps for showing us his level of extraordinary bravery of for enjoying bachelor life as richest general of Pakistan.So neither we wanted him to flee nor interested about his fake campaign as he was just using the crutches of game players of Pakistan to get top position again and rule and fool the people again.
      This is your time now to see his funny dialogues and high security on public funds.Now the ticker of his comedy show is on and we are just enjoying his dialogues like that
      main dartha wartha nahee ho bus yeh bullet proof amman nay pennha dee aur airport is bahr bee nahee a raha kion kay begum kee farmish ha aur jalsa bhee nahee karoon ga kion kay baitee na manah kiya ha like that
      aur claiming that he is such an Islamic spirit that he was 5 times allowed to khana kaaba. I think he is such a cheap man if if even allowed to live in Kaaba he couldn't get rid of his dirty habits.
      so dont curse us by different names but try to come out of this fake IDs culture for supporting him and gather his all FB fans and public for his support as this is high time to show his steroid fed muscles to people like us.

      • Observer said:

        Wah Nazia Wah! Superb. You are such an erudite person. Scholarly.. …. Your analysis… simply bang on!. But I think you are wasting your skills with half-literate & more often moronic people and trying to open their eyes.

        You are holding a mirror to Mushy.

        Anyone folks! any response you Mushy maniacs.

        • Nazia said:

          thanks but I am simply asking these inhumane ids(cobra is part of reptiles species.This group also includes crocodiles, lizards, and turtles. Reptiles are cold-blooded animals that raise their body temperature by lying in the sun or lower it by crawling into the shade. Their body temperature changes to the temperature of its surroundings. Because of this, cobras to live in colder or calm climates must hibernate through the winter. They will find burrows or caves and fall into a deep sleep until the weather becomes ware enough for them. so you see after reading his all qualities we shouldn't criticize him but guide him how to treat their leader who has just come out after self hibernation.

          • Observer said:

            Masterpiece Nazia! Subhanallah once more. What a crisp analogy for cobra type people (Cobraji, did you read?) & Mushy as well.

            Its a pleasure reading your thoughts. The reason…. you put enough clear logic behind what you say so articulately and that's what precisely becomes your strength (reasoning & articulation). Such idiots would never be able to match you. Just to do some favor, Kindly share just 10% of your intelligence with these morons so that Cobras, Reptiles etc of this nation can at least say something intelligently, forget articulation.

          • Nazia said:

            hnnnn by the way why are you buttering me like that??I know my caliber and its range.

    • Observer said:

      Hey Cobraji! Why suddenly you seem to be tilting towards this coward who was living a mouse life in hole somewhere in a Middle East & England. Now that elections have come near, he is trying to roar like a lion…….but in fact only squeaking…. which some nuts think that they hear roars.

      Can't you see the writing on the wall in big font………' Imminent disaster for Mushy' is written so big already that even blinds are reading these days.

  8. @erric300 said:

    Nazia and Observer superb keep it up This mushy scum is the shameless parasite hungry for money and power this bstrd invited foreign diplomats western middle east under cover agents black water given them full immunity freedom inside Pakistan to abuse Pakistanis in their country and kill them specially in the capitol of Pakistan like Raymond Davis who escaped safely after killing Pakistanis drones etc and treated his own Pakistanis like tissue paper in dustbin spoiled army did back door deals with USA, lal masjid operation killed many innocent children and women,dr afia handed over to usa, emergency in country,suicide attacks bomb blasts, attacking all civilian officers including CJ of Pakistan after extreme corruption and murder of benazir bhutto enjoyed 5 years in USA ,UK,George bush spoon.

  9. Analyst said:

    Nazia Aunty! Don't be so much arrogant about yourself. There are hundreds of thousands of blog writers who present things better than you. And come down from London…to Pakistan, you would not even be able to squeak like a mouse.

    • Nazia said:

      young boy!There is no arrogance but sense of decent maturity in my comment style but you immature FB/twitter growing generation cant understand it. I can only welcome to those UK bloggers.Hope they will regain their courage to stay in this country .Certainly I cant be squeak like an apologetic mouse, but to act like normal and intelligent human being and I love to act on my own basis with my human and real ID.

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