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Pakistan committed to maintaining regional peace: Khar

Minister for Foreign Affairs Hina Rabbani Khar has said Pakistan is fully committed to maintaining peace and economic stability in the region.
“This commitment is on top of the country’s foreign policy objectives being pursued in larger national interest,” she added.
Talking to a private news channel, Khar said the top priority of the democratic government was to project the soft image of the country in the world.
She said during the tenure of the current government, Pakistan emerged as a matured democratic state and main peace facilitator in the region.
She said the international community recognised the economic losses incurred and the sacrifices given by Pakistan during the war on terror. “We will continue the fight against terrorism to save the world from this menace,” she added.
To a question, Khar said friendly countries had supported Pakistan in fighting terrorism and extremism, which had affected the whole region.
“The menace of terrorism and extremism has not only affected Pakistan’s social fabric but also its trade and economy by scaring away foreign investors,” she added.
The foreign minister said Pakistan wanted a peaceful and stable Afghanistan according to the wishes of its people.
“Pakistan believes in peaceful co-existence with the neighbouring country for maintaining regional integration,” she added.
To another question, Khar said the Iran-Pakistan (IP) gas pipeline project was in the national interest as it would help overcome the energy crisis in the country and “there was no chance of any country imposing sanctions on Pakistan in this regard”. Khar said drone attacks were counter-productive and illegal, and against international law.

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  1. desi said:

    You don't know what you are talking about,your party/government can't even keep peace in our own country much less in the region.When was the last time you got out on the streets of Karachi and Baluchistan and looked around,people are dying every day.As for the energy crisis,you folks are 5 years too late so please save us the lip service,we are numb from it.

  2. glenn skelton said:

    That was the good news. And who can argue that progress towards a peace that might last with India is good news. Now the not so good and even bad news: The opium trade thru Baluchistan into Iran has corrupted any intention of government to protect the health and safety of Pakistani citizens there. On the ground it means a constant killing going on with smugglers and Iranian border guards dying daily, while Shia citizens are abused as suspect of being Iranian sympathizers, and justice not being the point anymore. Pakistan must find patriots there and help them do the impossible, stop entrenched human greed that cloaks itself as defenders of Islam while killing and abusing civilians who are in their way.

  3. farid said:

    she is deluded and has no insight. It is because of this class that Pakistan is a laughing stock all over the world.

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