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Armed man in the woods turns out to be art student

Today’s bizarre art news story of the day is brought to you by ARLnow, who reported that a young man was spotted aiming his shotgun alone in the woods — in the name of art. Arlington Police were called to the scene this morning at 11:50 AM, police department spokesman Dustin Sternbeck told The Huffington Post in a phone conversation. The suspicious man, who Sternbeck estimated was in his early 20s, was dressed in camouflage hunting gear. When police arrived, the young man assured the officers he was not a criminal and was filming himself for a school project. After investigating the scene — where several tripods were present — law enforcement officers concluded that the camouflaged creative was not a threat. According to ARLnow, officials told the student that “possessing a firearm is prohibited in county parks,” and then released him.” Sternbeck told The Huffington Post, “He kindly agreed to pack up and go.” What was this adventurous artist thinking, and more importantly, what kind of art was he making? Was he trying to pull a Chris Burden? Or perhaps he was creating a satire of Portlandia’s sketch on bad conceptual art? When asked if he had experienced a bizarre run-in of this sort before, Sternbeck replied with an amused “no.” What do you think of this strange occurrence in the woods, dear readers? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section and, in the meantime, check out some of the best art bloopers from 2012.

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