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Faulty water filtration plants annoy residents

Many water filtration plants in the federal capital are in a poor condition, several having broken down and having leaking taps.
The water filtration plants at F-6, G-6, G-7, I-10 and I-8 Sitara Market are in dilapidated conditions as the taps are broken and a huge amount of water is being wasted daily. Residents of the area said official time for water is 10:00am to 10:00pm but still they were facing water shortage during the time fixed by the authorities concerned.
They maintained that they had to wait to get water because of the queues of people waiting for their turn as only two taps are operational at most at plants. Ahmed Ali, a resident of F-6, alleged that due to negligence of the concerned authority, water filtration plants installed at various sectors for provision of clean drinking water were neither repaired nor were their filters replaced on a regular basis. The residents urged authorities to take immediate measures for the timely provision of clean drinking water and maintenance of these plants.
Residents of G-7 sector said it was the fundamental right of every citizen to have clean drinking water but sector G-7 and F-6 were still lacking this facility as there was no water filtration plant. An official of CDA said filtration plants have been installed by the authority in different sectors to facilitate the residents with clean drinking water.

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