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Fit Hissam to feature in Quaid Cup Polo

Hissam Hyder, Pakistan’s leading polo player, will be participating in the Quaid-e-Azam Gold Cup being held at the Lahore Polo Club from March 4 to 17.

The 10-14 goal tournament is the highlight of the Pakistani polo circuit and features 6 teams with a mixed balance of local and international polo talent.

Hissam, the highest handicapped Pakistani player in the tournament, will be playing for Team Hataff/Newage alongside Shah Shamyl Alam (4 handicap), Hassan Ali Farrukh (2 handicap) and Adnan Jalil Azam (1 handicap). Apart from playing in the tournament, Hissam will also be assuming the role of referee for several matches. The tournament employs a league based format with a duration of 5 chukkers per match.

Speaking about his team’s prospects at the Gold Cup, Hissam said: “Playing on home turf with Pakistani support in the stands has always given me an additional boost on the polo field. The Gold Cup has always been a fiercely competitive tournament and it’s no different this year. With 7 handicap players such as Manuel Crespo and Gaston Moore playing for opposing teams, we know we have our work cut out for us, but I am positive we will be tough competition.”

Hissam has been named as the most valuable player in Pakistan on 6 different occasions and has represented the Pakistani Polo team officially in 3 different World Cups. Internationally he has participated in top, high goal tournaments such as the 2012 Dubai Trophy in England, the 2012 Cope Presidente and the 2011 Duke of Cornwall Trophy among many others.

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