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US warns Pakistan of sanctions over Pak Iran gas pipeline

In a desperate attempt to influence Pakistan to annul Pakistan-Iran gas pipeline project, the US State Department on Thursday said that it would be Pakistan’s interest to avoid any activity that could result in sanctions against it.

The State Department said that it would provide Pakistan with alternatives that would also be useful in avoiding any sanctions resulting from violation of US demands.

State Department’s acting deputy spokesman Patrick Ventrell said that “we recognise that Pakistan has significant energy requirements but we really think there are other long-term solutions to Pakistan’s energy needs than be a client of Iran’s. We’ve been assisting as a government to contribute to the alleviation of the energy crisis in Pakistan. It’s in their best interests to avoid any sanctions, and we think that we provide and are providing a better way to meet their energy needs in some of the assistance we’re providing.”

Earlier, Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei on Wednesday urged the visiting Pakistani president to press ahead with a much-delayed $7.5 billion gas pipeline project despite US opposition.

In 2010, Iran and Pakistan agreed that Tehran would supply 750 million cubic feet (21 million cubic metres) and one billion cubic feet per day of natural gas by mid-2015.

Islamabad has vowed to pursue the project regardless of US pressure, maintaining that gas is needed by Pakistan to overcome its energy deficit that has led to debilitating blackouts and suffocated industries.

Iran has almost completed the pipeline work in its territory, but Pakistan has yet to start construction of 780 kilometers (490 miles) of the pipeline on its side, which is estimated to cost $1.5 billion.

Sanctions-hit Iran has agreed to finance one third of the cost which would be incurred for laying the pipeline through Pakistani territory.

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  1. ali said:

    Another gift from American friends. How many have they done it yet our Shameless Govt and General continue to lick US boots.

  2. Nader Junaid said:

    God doesnt benift from imposing it on us but,"RAMADAN" teaches us to fight off temptaiions and restraints and still do what is good for us. Pakistan has survived many a Sanctions levied against it by its so called "Friend" —– Not Master" (as declared by Gen. Ayub Khan in his book) in its short history. In the history of Nations, there are no permanant friends or eternal enemies but only national interestests and persueing them is our eternal and moral obligation! Unfortunately, India / Pakistan didnt earn their liberty, the so called freedom was a mere change in the shape of Colonialism. Now both are learning to understand that they still have to earn it. The harmoney of Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Turkminsitan, china, India etc. etc. is tied togather. Its one fabric which they have to re-knit ASAP.

  3. Fatima said:

    What the hell does US government think they are? They think they can rule everyone!

  4. rkfromny said:

    hahahaa…they definitely rule u beggars…..who do u think is paying alms for ur survival…withour US alms u would be already blasted out of this planet…..!!!!!!!!!!!

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