Sri Lanka questions Indian human rights record in IHK

With the Indian government signaling to be with Tamil Nadu MPs to vote for the US-sponsored resolution against Sri Lanka in the March session of the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC), Sri Lankans have brought up India’s questionable human rights record in Kashmir, to rein in New Delhi.

Speaking to The Island Daily, Lankan Defence Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa reminded India that UK’s Channel 4 TV had shown a video in July last year on Indian atrocities in Kashmir.

Channel 4’s video documentary titled ‘Kashmir’s Torture Trail ‘showed how hundreds of thousands” of stone-throwing teenagers took aim at heavily armed Indian security forces, who returned live fire; killing 118 demonstrators, many of them children.
This was followed by a lockdown in which no one could get in or out of the State. It was a powerful and shocking film uncovering a State-sanctioned torture practices that had set India on a collision course with the international community.

A section of UK’s influential print media had backed the Channel 4 documentary on Kashmir.
Writing in the State-owned Daily News, columnist Lucien Rajakarunanayake pointed out that the British media, which had gone ballistic on alleged human rights violations in Sri Lanka, was silent on the “huge” human rights violations that India was committing in Kashmir, the latest being the hanging of Afzal Guru, described by the Indian media itself, as an “Execution Most Foul”.

Rajaklarunanayake attributed the stony silence of the British media to Britain’s need to sell its products to India.

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  1. Pasel said:

    Now it is the pointing finger game, don't forget Pakistan military also involved diirectly in the Sri Lankan war

    • Kumar said:

      Yes, Pakistan was on right side by eliminating India supported Terror LTTE, killers of tens of thousands of civilians in Sri Lanka.

      • Vasanth said:

        If LTTE are blamed as killers, then all presidents of Sri Lanka are killers too, won't you agree? They killed more number people ever than LTTE ever dreamt of killing.

    • nota said:

      And the signs of it are all over 'police state' Sri Lanka with corruption now eating away at it's roots.

      Interesting side note: Having done away with Tamils, they are now going after muslims. I am sure our military would again be available to support any coming slaughter as long as the $$$$ are good 🙂

  2. Truer said:

    Come on Idia; make this idiot Gotabaya shut up. Why are you still letting these idiots comment….?

    • Manjula said:

      Looks like you wet your pants when you heard Gothabaya talking. Hey, run to your mother.

  3. pasel said:

    now he is asking HR record

    the same gotabaya shake and hold hand with india to win the war and still depend on india for cover up, India will not pick you up because you are palying mind game about china

  4. Mithra said:

    These Tamils living in Sri Lanka, if returned to India, won't be allowed to stay or welcome by Indians. If Sri Lanka is not the place for you terrorist supporters, leave our country pleacefully before being thrown away.

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