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Beyond Veil – Tehmina Durrani talks about new book at Lahore Literary Fest

Beyond veil is a journey into the various phases and aspects of the life of Tehmina Durrani, the writer of My Feudal Lord. The crowd at the festival was eager to meet the writer, more than a decade after she published her last book.
Tehmina expressed that “I couldn’t have written My Feudal Lord but it was because of the injustice, my reality was different to what I was supposed to be.” She explained that it was painful to bear the consequences of the book when even her own parents disowned her for 30 years. Talking about the changing times she said, “I find the new generation very open to my book today which is a sign of acceptability”.
She discussed the idea behind her new book, Happy Thing in Sorrow Times, which will be launched next month with her own illustrations. The book focuses on the effects of recent times on the mind of a young child. She also revealed that another form of expression will be made public soon, through an exhibition of her paintings titled Love Affair.
Discussing her book Blasphemy, she said, “To me blasphemy is to distort the words of the Holy Quran and the words of the Holy Prophet (PBUH)”. She added that blasphemy was a true story based on the life of a woman who was suffering at the hands of the society and lacked the ability to fight for her rights.


  1. MUZZAMIL ALI said:

    These days i am going through her book my feudal lord.There is something which is compelling me to see her,it is my desire to have chat with he and ask her how life is for her now?

  2. Gulfam Ali Marwat said:

    God has bestowed excellent writing skills through which she can beautifully insert soul in characters which seems that readers are watching it through television. I read out her first book "My Feudal Lord" some seven/ eight years back which was actually my first ever book to read in my life. Her writing attracted me a lot which developed a habit of more reading.

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