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Bonding over books beyond borders in Lahore

Books are windows to a world of imagination; spaces not guided by intentions of division but that, which harbour a spirit of coming together under one roof. Almost like a pleasant discovery, we now have a new address to celebrate literature in Pakistan’s cultural capital city of Lahore. With a cross-border intermingling of writers and artists between India and Pakistan, Lahore in its very first edition of hosting a literature festival promises to bring long-distance siblings together. The 2-day festival comprises an array of serious discussions interspersed with mushairas (poetic symposium), musical bands performing live and Kathak recitals. From exploring political realities and cultural identities on the historical map of the country, understanding the theme of resistance in literature or examining the impact of globalisation on the written word; deconstructing voices of women writers since colonial times to a ‘modern’ Pakistan to of course relishing tales about the quintessential Manto; the poster child of people’s struggles during the partition years, the Lahore Literary Festival (LLF) 2013 will keep listeners, thinkers and aspiring writers captivated this weekend. In a bid to revive and resurrect the cultural richness of Lahore, Founding Director and writer Razi Ahmed said, “Lahore historically has had a vibrant literary tradition, and it continues to fire the imagination of artists and writers. To celebrate its gloried past and catalyse new thinking and writing, the Lahore Literary Festival has been undertaken as an annual event”.