Taliban factions grouping together in Tirah Valley

While offering conditions for dialogue with the government, various Taliban factions have resolved internal rifts and are now planning to assemble in the snow-covered mountains of Tirah Valley in Khyber Agency.
Top leaders and commanders of various factions have recently held meetings in Waziristan where they made important decisions, highly-placed sources told Pakistan Today. Sources said that the Taliban had decided to put their differences aside and to adopt a joint strategy against the government. Sources further said that the TTP Darra Adamkhel and Lashkar Islam had sorted out their differences, and both Tariq Afridi and Mangal Bagh had agreed to operate together. Militants from both the banned outfits have started a combined offensive against the pro-government Ansarul Islam in the Tirah Valley. Sources further said that defeating the Ansarul Islam and its allied Afridi tribesmen from Zakhakhel and Kokikhel clans, the TTP and LI would be able to invite other militant leaders currently hiding in Afghanistan. On the directives of TTP high command, Maulvi Faqir Mohammad recently announced to recognise Commander Abu Bakkar. Abu Bakkar is now leading the TTP-Bajaur after the death of Dadullah in a US drone attack in Kunar province of Afghanistan.
Maulvi Fazalullah, chief of the banned and dislodged TTP-Swat faction, is also hiding in Kunar. He was also expected to return to Tirah Valley after becoming the top target of US drones.
Likewise, Taliban commanders and their guests associated with al Qaeda and other foreign groups in Waziristan were also expected to come to Tirah Valley, sources said, adding that a large number of militants were already present in Tirah.
Sources also said that top TTP commanders and foreign groups had established safe havens near Khost and were safe from drone strikes, adding that these leaders also had access to mobile phones, wireless communication devices and other technologies. Sources said that after assembling in Tirah Valley, these militants were expected to plan terrorist attacks against security forces, government officials and other installations, adding that they were expected to focus their energies on cutting the supplies to US-led NATO forces in Afghanistan via Khyber Pass.

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