22 killed in Hangu suicide blast

At least 22 people were killed and several others sustained injuries when a suicide bomber blew himself up immediately after the Friday prayers outside Faizullah mosque located in Pat Bazaar of Hangu.

According to police, the blast took place when people were leaving the mosque following Friday prayers.

Authorities fear an increase in the casualties as several injured were in critical condition.

“It was a suicide blast,” DPO Hangu Mian Saeed confirmed.

The dead and the inured were shifted to Civil Hospital.

Security forces reached the scene and cordoned off the area.

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  1. haresh said:

    Really this news is very bad, We wish Such an event will not occurs for the second time..

    • ATUL said:


  2. Anonymous said:

    Shame on us. Attack on a mosque? What type of Islam the attackers are following?

  3. Eddied said:

    As a person who is not a Muslim I have to ask this question with all due respect…What is wrong with Islam?…how is it possible that one Muslim can kill another Muslim and think he is doing the right thing?…Christians don't kill other Christian's or attack their churches…Jews don't kill other Jews or attack their synagogues…from the little I know about Islam it is completely forbidden for one muslîm to kill another…so why does it happen so often?…what is wrong with some followers of Islam that makes them think they should bomb other Mosques? Seriously, I would like to read what people think about this….

  4. Proud Gujju said:

    "Pakistan was created for saving the muslim minority from hindu majority india!" LOL! What an irony! More muslims are kiled in pakistan EVERY DAY by their muslim brothers n than the muslims being killed by hindus in "hindu" india in an ENTIRE YEAR!! ( I can see pakistanis twitching their fingers to bring up gujarat riot..however no riot..not a single muslim killed by "hindu" gujratis in last 10 years!! Sorry to burst the paki bubble )

  5. True Paki said:

    In fact this not the work of any true Muslim. Unfortunately some mercenaries are hired to destroy Muslims in the disguise of Islam supported by S audi & I srael. They are doing the same in Syria as well and we Muslims cannot do any thing.

  6. piyush said:

    its a really painful.. why people do it…??
    it is not depend that they are hindu or muslim but thay all are human..
    plz don't comment just prey for all of them…

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