Intra-party elections to herald a new era in politics: PTI | Pakistan Today

Intra-party elections to herald a new era in politics: PTI

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chief Election Commissioner Hamid Khan on Wednesday said that the intra-party elections of the PTI would uproot the prevailing political culture and introduce real democracy in the country. In a statement, Hamid Khan said, “The intra-party elections will not only be the foundation of real democracy but also uproot dynastic politics in the country.”
Furthermore, he said that the intra-party election was a practical demonstration to provide democratic rights to the common man to choose his leaders.
He said that PTI, through these intra-party elections, had provided maximum opportunity to the youth to lead and had also provided a platform to the common man to come forward and spread the message of Imran Khan. Moreover, he said that PTI’s internal election in Kohat, which was won by Humayun Chacha, who was a tailor master, was an example of this revolution.
Hamid Khan said, “These are the largest party elections ever held in Pakistan. The number of our members keeps increasing with every passing day as there is so much enthusiasm and passion in our supporters. This explains why there has been a delay in completing this process, but we take this passion and zeal of our supporters positively.”
Hamid Khan admitted that there had been internal party rifts, delays and disciplinary issues specifically in Khyber Phatunkhwa. He said that the PTI Election Commission had taken serious notice of the matter and had resolved the issue as soon as possible.

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