1.3m creepy crawlies at Pakistan Insect Museum | Pakistan Today

1.3m creepy crawlies at Pakistan Insect Museum

The Pakistan Museum has become a rich source of knowledge and point of reference for researchers, students and naturalists, as it has displayed around 1.3 million insect specimens.
The museum has more than 1.3 million identified insect specimens from different orders which serve as a data base for reference identification. The total number of butterfly species collected from Pakistan so far has exceeded 400, while 38 species of Hawk moths have been preserved at the museum.
A museum official said that 19 species of pollinators under 16 genera have been recorded along with four new records of bees.
He said, “Researchers are encouraged to visit the museum, we provide access to microscopes and workspaces for research-based visitations.” The museum has a display room where all groups of insects have been displayed in an artistic way for the general interest of public and students. The museum has developed its own library where books, journals and reports on different aspects of insects have been maintained.

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