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Sofia Vergara’s son disapproves her fiance

Colombian actress Sofia Vergara’s son doesn’t want his mom to marry her fi-ance Nick Loeb. Manolo, 20, is concerned about his mother’s relationship after her recent fight with Loeb at Miami Beach nightclub. “Nick’s hair-trigger temper has Manolo scared to death,” quoted a source as saying. “Manolo desperately wants to like the guy but violence seems to follow Nick around. Manolo is extremely protec-tive of his mother, and now he’s afraid for her safety. He believes Sofia should slam the brakes on her wedding plans immediately,” the source added.

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  1. SHB said:

    Who is Sofia and where is Columbia?are you just trying to fill up space on your web site ?

    • thinker said:

      She is currently a regular in a very hit comedy series "Modern Family".

      update yourself :p

  2. kim kardashian instagram katie said:

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