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PTI condemns unprovoked Indian aggression along LoC

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) on Saturday condemned the unprovoked Indian aggression along the line of control (LOC) in Kashmir.
In the last few days, there have been repeated cases of aggression by the Indian army, resulting in the martyrdom of Pakistani soldiers, PTI said in a statement.
“This unprovoked aggression by Indian forces is against the spirit of the peace process initiated between the two countries and is condemned in the strongest possible terms,” it said.
PTI Chairman Imran Khan expressed his deepest sympathies with the families of the martyrs.
PTI said the role being played by the Indian media in manufacturing stories of the beheading of Indian soldiers to inflame public opinion should be carefully monitored.
“At a time when every effort should be made to exercise restraint, the role being played by the Indian media is inflammatory and counter productive,” it said.
“The Pakistani media on the other hand, has played a more responsible role. Although our media is critical of the provocations by the Indian army, it has exercised restraint in its discourse,” he said.
PTI Central Information Secretary Shafqat Mahmood said, “In recent times, the most hawkish role is being played by its armed forces aided by the Indian media”.
“This is an unfortunate developments and a serious danger to the success of the ongoing composite dialogue between the two countries,” he said.
He said the Pakistani government should take up the matter of unprovoked Indian aggression through diplomatic channels.
“Both the countries need to focus on economic and social development because South Asia has the highest number of people living below the poverty line. To change this unfortunate equation, the governments of India and Pakistan have to play a proactive role in diffusing tension and moving towards dispute resolution,” the statement said.

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