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Quaid-e-Azam took oath of loyalty to King: Altaf

Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM)’s chief, Altaf Hussain, has launched his much awaited ‘political drone’ over a telephonic speech and said that even Muhammad Ali Jinnah took the oath to be loyal British emperor.

After a much of anticipations, Altaf finally began flight of his political drone on Thursday while speaking to a large gathering of his party’s workers.

He noted, “Jinnah has taken the oath of remaining loyal to British emperor and his successor and it is a proven fact. Should I bash Jinnah for that? He did so for the sake of betterment of Pakistani people. In the same spirit I opted for the British nationality. Had I not acquired the British nationality then who else would have given me safe custody? Saudi Arabia?”

When he asked from his workers whether he should come back to Pakistan, Farooq Sattar replied on behalf of all workers that “Altaf Bhai it is all right if you have acquired British nationality for a while but you should not come back here.”

Altaf further said: “Till 23 March 1956 Pakistan remained the part of British dominion while all parliamentarians and public office bearers took oath of remaining loyal to British emperor.”

Questioning the democratic agenda of other political parties, the MQM chief asked why only his party raises concerns against the abolishment of local government and not others.

Hitting back against the critics of the local government system instituted in Sindh last September, Altaf said that those against the system were against democracy and such their calls to protect democracy were hollow.

He warned that if the government does not listen to Urdu speaking Sindhis on local government, then they would be forced to call for a division of Sindh. “We have been tolerating these threats, we do not want a division of Sindh, don’t push us against the wall.”

Referring to threats of removing Sindh governor Dr Ishratul Ebad, an MQM member, Altaf said that they were not power hungry and that they can remove the governor if they wanted to.

“Remove the governor if you want. Do you think we are hungry for power? We are hungry for rules, for justice, for bread for the poor.”

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  1. Matarwa Bhai said:

    Altaf Bhai, aap say zayada ayyar koon ho sakta hay. Masha Allah
    Jab Kashti Doobnay Lagtee Hay to Bhooj autara jata hay. Bahi wah . Dil khush ker dya

    • Dr Farooq Sattar said:

      @Matarwa Bhai
      You are right Government is on its way out.

  2. Nazia said:

    Altaf bhai has picked historical drones from his Pandora box.At this moment no body is interested on his abnormal and rubbish attacks on Jinnah.What he wants to be
    Jinnah or Nehro.Only his followers can understand his verbal drone directing toward Jinnah's tomb only.

  3. Nazia said:

    this might be some kind of level of sense of humor of atlaf bahi which is completely not understandable to other communities of Pakistan except his blind, deaf and dumb followers.

  4. tariq khan. said:

    I have been writing full details about Jinnah for the last two years. He was placed under arrest in Ziarat Residency till his death. Royal Dominion of Pakistan was created. He was a British National. There is a need to probe how he got the ownership of Mohatta Palace, Flag Staff House. and more than 5000 acres of land in Malir? There is a need to open the case of Fatima Jinnah murder case. Sharif uddin Peerzada is fully aware. Altaf Hussain has touched only the tip of the ICEBERG, which is at the verge of melt down. Tell the full truth about the separation of East Pakistan and how Poonja became Jinnah [ only one brother and one sister out of the entire clan ! ].

    • Humayun Akhtar said:

      Tariq Khan, instead of making such wild and unfounded allegations why do you not publish the so called facts you claim to know about. What is there to stop you. This is pure gossip. Jinnah might have many weakness and indeed he had but his character, honey and integrity were beyond questions.

  5. dialogueforpeace said:

    If this is his drone attack, the only casualty will be his own MQM.

  6. Humayun Akhtar said:

    Altaf because of his limited knowledge of history, law and politics has turned elementary commonsense on its head. Jinnah's oath of office was in accordance with the Act of British Parliament. Further he never held any nationality other than British Indian (British Subject) which is totally different than a British Citizen which Altaf is now. MQM is has been a partner in power for more than 10 years and why all of a sudden Altaf has woken up to sing to Qadri's tunes. He talks about fairness and rule of law. MQM introduced Bhata geri in Karachi the first place. Can he or will he explain where is the money coming from to sustain him and his life style and his party's HQ since 1992 when the majority of those around him in London are asylum seekers. He must remember people living in glass houses should throw stones. MQM is notoriously corrupt and Altaf knows it.

  7. dialogueforpeace said:

    This is his last ditch attempt to secure his party's position in Karachi by blackmailing current dispensation and by the way blackmail is the only way MQM is good at. When Federal Government decided to grant him local bodies election he became so desperate to join Qadiri to put pressure on Government but will never leave Government no matter what.

  8. Hamid Khan said:

    This man has proved again and again that he is worse than a W**H**O**R**E. This man is living on British tax payer monery and extortion money extracted from people of Karachi. He continues to b**a**r**k from his hide out in London. Living on extortion money and eating pork has made look like a P**I**G. Bottom line is that he a fat, ugly good for nothing blackmailer. One fails to understand how people of Pakistan can tolerate this fat joker.

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