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No garbage dump on Chakri Road

In order to secure aerial routes and prevent birds from hitting Boeing planes, the Civil Aviation Authority (CCA) has refused to issue a no objection certificate (NOC) to the Rawalpindi Cantonment Board (RCB) for setting up a filth depot on Chakri Road.
The new filth depot on Chakri Road is located near the New Benazir Bhutto International Airport at Fatehjang and shifting dump there would attract birds, which could increase chances of them hitting airplanes.
The RCB had planned to procure land on Chakri Road for its new garbage dumping site and had requested the defence ministry to release funds for this purpose. The RCB had also applied for an NOC for the new filth depot. The CCA has refused to issue an NOC to shift the filth depot out of cantonment areas. The RCB has been dumping garbage on its own land in Chakara at Bhatta Ground for the last 50 years, but residents had been complaining that the dump had caused an outbreak of disease in the area.
The RCB had announced that it would shift its dumping site by June 30, 2012, but still hasn’t been able to.

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