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Civil servant suspended for violating conduct rules

The government on Wednesday suspended civil servant Anita Turab for violating Government Servants Conduct Rules.
According to details, Anita had filed a complaint to the chief election commissioner alleging that the government had initiated a process of massive recruitment at lower levels for “political maneuvering” in the upcoming elections. She had urged the chief election commissioner to restrain the government.
Following this complaint, Anita was suspended from duty by the ‘competent authority.’ In a statement, the ‘competent authority’ said, “This act of the officer appears to be an attempt to cast aspersions on the functioning of the government, create a controversy, malign and embarrass the government.”
The statement further said that civil servants were barred under conduct rules from defaming the government. The government said that it had taken serious notice of the matter and the officer would be tried according to relevant rules and regulations. Economic Affairs Division Additional Secretary Iftikhar Ahmed Rao was appointed as authorised officer in the case to proceed against the officer under Efficiency and Discipline Rules 1973.
Furthermore, the statement said, “This act of Anita Turab is a violation of the Government Servants Conduct Rules 1964 and tantamount to ‘misconduct’ within the meaning of Government Servant Efficiency and Discipline Rules 1973.”

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