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PML-N leaders making efforts for settlement of Shahzaib murder case

Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) Sindh President Syed Ghaus Ali Shah and Member of the National Assembly Lt General (r) Abdul Qadir Baloch have stepped in the Shahzaib murder case to persuade the two parties to reach an understanding.
According to reports, an important Baloch leader had contacted a close relative and senior Pakistan People’s Party leader Nabil Gabol and offered Rs 250 million as blood money to settle the matter. However, Gabol rejected the offer, saying he was willing to pay Rs 300 million if the assassins surrendered to police.
Gabol, however, refused to disclose the name of person who made the offer. Sikandar Jatoi, father of Shahrukh, has assured the middle man that the accused would be handed over to police.
Realising the gravity of the situation, Jatoi has intensified his contacts with people who are close to the family of the deceased.
Gabol said the two PML-N leaders had contacted the bereaved family to settle the matter.
He said he had told them that the accused must surrender to police first as there could be no talks on the issue before an arrest.
Lt General (r) Abdul Qadir Baloch first dissociated himself from the issue, but when he was told about the information, he admitted having contacted Gabol. He said he had good relations with both families but told Sikandar Jatoi that he should first handover his son to the police and then talk about reconciliation.

Shahzaib Khan’s father denies negotiating blood money

KARACHI: Shahzaib Khan’s father, DSP Aurangzeb Khan has denied reports of a deal between him and the accused family for withdrawing cases in exchange of Rs 250 million. Talking to a private TV channel, Shahzaib’s father denied that the family would pardon their son’s killers. “Money is just pieces of paper and is of no value to me anymore and never will be,” he said. The DSP is a part of the investigation team probing the Shahzeb murder case and is also one of the witnesses in his case. “My son Shahzeb is gone but I want other youngsters to remain safe. Those in power think that their children can get away with all sorts of crime because they have enough money to bribe anyone they want. I want to put an end to this.” Online

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  1. Shahzad said:

    Why yahodi lobey is soo obsessed with PML-N. After media coverage of Long march, Sonami is dusted down under the dark gloomy depths.

  2. Amjad said:

    Shame on all if the deal done, must be punished to killer

  3. Assad said:

    need to punished all killers of karachi whow have killed innocent peoples ,the biggest of Altaf and their partners

  4. IQTEDAR said:


  5. sahi said:

    rich killers must be punished instead of making the deals and paying the money to poors

  6. jAFFER said:

    Should be HANGED, we should save our sisters, if he will not be hanged, then any one can say any thing to your sisters. Please promote me, I donot have any relation with shahzaib nor shahrukh i donot know these people but i want to save all sisters in Pakistan


  7. unicorn98 said:

    Sikandar Jatoi is Malik Riaz of sindh..during Nawas Shareef rule ,sikander jatoi got zeal pak cement,people steel mills as a throw away prize

  8. altaf said:

    Dont vote for thugs be it PPP PML MQM ANP Q PTI and latest PAT.

  9. Anwar Khan said:

    Islam permits the deal, if two parties agree. KHOON BAHA IS ALLOWED IN ISLAMIC LAW IF BOTH PARTIES AGREED. The provision is available in Holy Quran. It is only for the two parties, if they so agree. Islah bainal muslmeen is better than fitna.

    • nota said:

      Yes BUT not this way…if TWO parties agree, not THREE as in all these cases (the third being pressure tactics/threats/coersion). Stop misusing Islam and Holy Quran this way…

  10. Anwar Khan said:

    Here, the PPP's Ex-Prime Minister Ms. Benazir Bhutto has given up claiming justice or Khooh baha for his brother who was killed during her regime, while Zulfiqar Bhutto's survivals including Benazir Bhutto had also forgiven or made connivance to claim justice for her Father's Judicial killing. To the other hand President Zardari has also given up claim of his Wive's murder for the same of some Chair and compromises required for that. So what happens if in this case Compromise-deal is initiated between two parties without any force whose provision is absolutely available in the Holy Quran. Therefore no one should scahdalize the teaching of Islam and Holy Quran. It is better for the parties to get into wise comprise and forgive or the victimized party is also liberty to claim Khoon Baha. It is better to be humble and forgive other's faults as Holy Quran emphasizes. People should therefor not fuel the fire or creat conspiracies between parties. They should be kept at liberty of that.

  11. Mohammed said:

    This murder is Imran Khans fault according to all PPP/PML supporters.I, for one want this present system to continue. It brings justice to the poor and most importantly brings all the best people to the leadership positions. we`ve had the honest Zardari in power for the last 5 yrs and we will get the honest Sharifs in power for the next 5. Onwards and upwards i say.

  12. nota said:

    Let's not forget the recent assault on that poor Bakery worker by Shahbaz's daughter. That case too was dismissed despite the CCTV footage, original complaint and confession (Suddenly the victim could not recognize anyone)…

  13. nota said:

    "Lt General (r) Abdul Qadir Baloch first dissociated himself from the issue, but when he was told about the information, he admitted having contacted Gabol."

    Shamelessness defined! Isn't there a single decent leader in PML-N?
    (The question is rhetorical, of course)

  14. FS1 said:

    Saudi Arabia is one of the safest countries in the world, because they have carried out justice. No one dares to steal and murder , but in our country you can get away with anything if you can pay for it. Please tell me how forgiving in this case is going to make Pakistan a safer, better country? We are just going to make criminals bolder.

  15. iqbal said:

    sikandar jataoi was front man of ghous ali shah ,elahi bux soomro and shabaz shareef when they have taken zeal pak cement factory in through away price,from privatization commission in 1992.Thats why,they are trying to have soft corner in this brutal mater.

  16. wasim said:

    Sharukh, Talpur Brothers, and their servant Lashari, should be hanged, other wise all girl student of Karachi are not safe, pls all urdu speaking open eyes, these Wadera and Jagirdar, should not stay any more in Karachi. All witness please keep in mind that if you are admitted first place that these 4 accussed has been done murder, now these witnesses on the money hiding these murderers as innocent and one they themselves will die and hand will be empty and their sisters are not safe.
    please say truth on yoma Kayamat ALLAH will punished them.


  17. Aftab said:

    I hope that everyone will understand Noora Leagues style and their way of life this time. I wish them to join IK's cause and ideology for new Pakistan.

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