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29.7pc children underweight in country: NNS

The National Nutrition Survey (NNS) 2011 reported that 29.7 percent children in the country are underweight, with only a minor difference between urban and rural populations.
The rural-urban difference analysis in NNS highlights that severely underweight children in rural areas are 12.8 percent, while 8.4 percent children in urban areas are underweight.
The survey pointed out that robust intervention and strategies are required to counter the problem of malnutrition.
High rates of child mortality, with malnutrition and preventable diseases being key contributing factors, can be addressed through policy measures and action in the areas of health, nutrition, water and sanitation.
The report said key challenges included lack of an integrated management system for childhood illness, lack of availability and access to health facilities, affordability and a low level of awareness regarding health services.
The most common causes of death, haemorrhage and sepsis are closely related to poor hygienic conditions, and are easily preventable through improved conditions at the time of birth.
Diarrhoea is related to nutrition absorption, weight gain and healthy eating. Repeated incidents of diarrhoea affect hydration which is a common cause of death among children.
FATA, Balochistan and Sindh have high rates of severe stunted growth among young children, the report mentioned.

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