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Winter chill and low gas pressure

Low gas pressure in the twin cities has adversely affected household activities and forced people to go to their offices and schools without breakfast. Residents have expressed deep concern over the low gas pressure in various parts of cities as a result of which people have been facing multiple problems. Housewives have been unable to make breakfast, lunch and dinner due to low gas pressure and have been forced to use firewood to run household activities, said a resident of Sector F-6. “Domestic consumers do not have sufficient gas pressure to prepare meals,” complained Mrs Hina Abbas. The weather is biting cold and the authorities have responded by resorting to gas load shedding for domestic consumers, she added. Muhammad Kamran, a resident, said the majority of people were not using gas heaters in their homes and still had no gas to prepare food for families. Residents have requested the relevant authorities to take notice of the situation and resume a smooth supply of gas to domestic consumers. The Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited (SNGPL) spokesman admitted that consumers in some localities had been facing low gas pressure for a few days. He said the pressure depended on the weather and if the temperature dropped lower than it had, there could be more instances of gas load shedding and low pressure.

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