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Sheesha smoking goes unchecked in twin cities

Hubble-bubble smoking, otherwise locally known as “Sheesha”, is gaining immense popularity among the youth of the twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi posing serious health risks to their lives.
Most of the hot spots like Dam-e-Koh and Pir Sohawa were the places where sheesha smoking facilities were provided to willing visitors especially the youth.
Sheesha smoking had been one of the main attractions for the youngsters and adults when visiting these recreational spots. A large number of students visiting these places for picnics were also seen enjoying sheesha in the company of friends.
Sheesha had been a source of enjoyment for the young generation as it was served with many different flavours including lemon, strawberry, orange, apple, honey and cherry.
It is important to mention here that sale of cigarettes or other tobacco items to youngsters below the age of 18 had been banned in Pakistan. Therefore, various Sheesha serving outlets were openly violating the state laws that barred the sale of tobacco to youngsters below the age of 18 years. New sheesha parlours had also been opening up at Jinnah Super, Melody and F-10 markets.
Hotels and cafes selling sheesha offered the item with a mixture of crude types of tobacco, fermented with molasses and fruits, and the sweet odour of fruits concealed the natural smell of tobacco’s tar and nicotine. A large number of school and college going students of both genders under the age of 18 were seen hanging out at the said sheesha parlours as they did not face any hurdles here to satiate their desire.
Meanwhile, concerned citizens termed the increased use of sheesha smoking among the most vulnerable groups as alarming and urged a complete ban on sheesha selling and smoking.

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