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2013 to bring political, economic stability; no natural disasters, claim astrologers

Some popular astrologers have predicted a bright future for Pakistan starting from the year 2013 with political stability, economic prosperity and restoration of peace.
“We have passed through our difficult times. 2013 will bring us political and economic stability besides improvement in law and order situation, both at local and international level,” predicted Samiah Khan, a famous astrologer. She said after June 26, 2013, the country would go on track of political stability but added that the New Year would be decisive for the political future of the country.
The country, she said, may face some political tussles before elections that would follow the formation of some political alliances.
“Both Uranus and Sun have formed a square that brings revolutionary changes. Likewise Uranus is entering into Aries bringing identical changes across the world at state as well as individual level. The spell is likely to prevail for around seven years,” she forecasted. Moreover, she observed the world would witness an Islamic unity with Islamic states forming strong alliances to compete with the western world.
She said the year 2013 would bring no natural disasters in Pakistan and weather conditions would remain conducive for the people as well as for crops production.
However, she said the country may experience some viral diseases like Dengue and called for preventive measures by the government in this regard. Moreover, she said during 2013, women need to be more careful as some diseases may hit them harder.
Abdullah Shaukat Chaudhry alias Mamoo also forecasted economic and political stability for Pakistan during year 2013.
He said after July, next year, the country would witness positive developments vis-à-vis the economy, politics and law and order.
Nasib Hassan Shah, another astrologer, said the country would see stability in most spheres including politics, economy or industry. However, he said there may be some ups and down for the country in 2015.

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  1. Taimoor said:

    Pagan beliefs…this is all based on what exactly? The movement of celestial bodies? How will the position of mars or Jupiter make Pakistan’s GDP grow?

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    taimoor was right :)…its 23-10-2014 today…while i am working on a research report 🙂

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