Eve’s daughters raped with impunity

The Indian medical student whose gang rape triggered mass protests calling for better protection for women might become a source of encouragement for Pakistani women too to raise their voices, as this crime is increasing with each passing day in the country.
According to details, Islamabad had witnessed a 10 percent rise in the first 11 months of the ongoing year as compared to the corresponding period last year.
In two separate cases registered in the Kohsar Police Station, a father was alleged to have raped his own daughter, while a father-in-law allegedly raped his daughter-in-law after bringing her with him to Islamabad from her native village.
“Currently, the rapists are being trailed under sections 376,377, 496 and 365 B of Pakistan Penal Code (PPC) and Zina Ordinance, in which rapists often managed to get some relaxation. I think, Islamic law should be applied to give capital punishment to rapists,” Shaista Tubbasam Khan, Advocate High Court said. She said that rapes and other sexual crimes went unreported and offenders rarely got punished for their wrong deeds.
The lawyer, dealing in rape cases, said that besides other factors, establishment of internet cafés, in roads made by the western culture and sheesha parlours could be a few reasons behind the rise in this crime. “In many cases, we see that the girls inspired by western cultures are first trapped in the name of love and friendship and then raped,” she added.
According to data collected by this scribe from various police stations, as many as 198 cases of rape were registered in the first 11 months of this year, while 178 cases were registered in corresponding period last year.
Meanwhile, police had yet to complete the paperwork of 38 rape cases and the process was being pushed forward at a snail’s pace.
In the month of January, police registered 12 rape cases, 11 in February, 16 in March, 16 in April, 24 in May, 21 in June, 26 in July, 19 in August, 29 in September, 18 in October and six in November.
From among the 138 cases, the courts have so far disposed off 10 cases, convicted one accused, and acquitted seven people.
It may be noted here that the above mentioned cases were registered under the Zina Ordinance. Advocate Shaista said, “Zina is either committed by a man, who is an adult and is in perfect mental condition, with a woman to whom he is not and does not suspect himself to be married with. On the other hand, it is committed by a woman, who is an adult and mentally stable, with a man to whom she is not, and does not suspect herself to be married with.”
Meanwhile, the 23-year-old Indian medical student, who was severely beaten, raped and later thrown out of moving bus on December 16 in Delhi, died on Friday in a Singapore hospital where she was admitted for treatment.