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Altaf, Qadri join hands to end corrupt system

Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) chief Altaf Hussain on Tuesday showed his solidarity with Dr Tahirul Qadri until the end of corrupt, feudal and familial political system.
Altaf called upon the youth, especially from Punjab, to stand behind them and prepare them mentally and physically and wait for the final call of the Rabita Committee.
He said this during a telephonic conversation with Minhajul Quran leader Dr Qadri. The two leaders discussed consequences of public meeting held on December 23 in Lahore and the January 14, 2013 long march.
Altaf said that since its inception, the MQM is struggling to dismantle the medieval feudal system; adding that the party introduced leaderships into parliament from poor and middle-class segments of society and continued its struggle outside and within parliament to end the archaic feudal system. He also said, “We raised our voice in parliament to impose taxation on agricultural income since 1988, but our voice was always bulldosed because with the exception of the MQM all members in parliament belong to powerful landed aristocracy, feudal lords, tribal chiefs and capitalists.”
The MQM chief said he fully supported the demand of Dr Qadri for electoral reforms and reiterated that electoral reforms were essential for the real change in the system. He called upon Dr Qadri to remain steadfast and assured him that each and every worker of the MQM would stand shoulder to shoulder with him.
Qadri thanked Altaf and said that ending of medieval feudal political system from the country is the commonality between the MQM and Minhajul Quran. Dr Tahirul Qadri said that indeed the MQM introduced leaderships into parliament from poor and middle class segments of the society, no one in it belonged to feudal class and all are self-made. He said further that he has a simple agenda of establishing a strong, honest and powerful caretaker government in consultation with all stakeholders.
He said, “If electoral reforms are introduced to change the system only then a genuine leadership will emerge in the country and we will retrieve the country from problems.”
Dr Tahirul Qadri told Altaf Hussain, “Two souls of the MQM and Minhajul Quran are fused into one body and each and every worker of Minhajul Quran is your colleague and will lend total support to each other for the change of the system.”

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