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APCNGA asks OGRA to announce interim CNG sale price

The All Pakistan CNG Association (APCNGA) on Saturday asked the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) to announce interim CNG sale price to save CNG station owners from insolvency. Interim prices would help OGRA take time to review audit reports of 3,400 CNG outlets to know issues like average cost and take appropriate decision, it said. “Per the directions of the apex court, the new formula should be made acceptable to all the stakeholders and masses by imposing similar gas tariff and uniform GIDC,” said Ghayas Paracha, chairman of the APCNGA. In a statement issued on Saturday, he said masses as well as owners of the CNG stations were facing miseries since two months, but the authorities remained unmoved. “Despite directives, the sub-committee of the Economic Coordination Council and Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Resources have not started consultation with the stakeholders, which indicates their unsympathetic behaviour,” Paracha added. He said unjustified delay in CNG pricing decision would not only add to the miseries of the masses, but ruin the CNG sector, which in turn would result in nationwide wheel jam. “The masses are paying diverse taxes for CNG in various regions, they are made to pay Rs 13.25 in Region I, while they pay Rs 9.18 in Region II, which is discrimination,” he said, adding that the difference of Rs 4.70 should end. Paracha said the move to link CNG prices with petrol would be a blatant violation of Supreme Court orders. He called upon those who matter to fix responsibility on those directly responsible for prolonging the current crisis.

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